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Nadia Akingbule

gal-dem horoscopes: There’s no hiding from the truth this Scorpio season

As we enter November, and another Eclipse season, let what you find in the darkness guide you.

01 Nov 2021

The night is not always meant for sleeping.

From the innocent indulgences of a child who stays up to read under the covers of their duvet, to debaucherous physical contact you have with someone on a foggy dancefloor – Scorpio season encompasses it all. What we gain from Scorpio’s influence is a willingness to be unapologetic with the way we seek these pleasures (and pains). To find darkness within us, and wear it proudly as a badge of self acceptance, while also challenging people around us to acknowledge that the world isn’t always as earnest as a Virgo’s truth, or a Pisces’ keen gaze. 

To gain a Scorpio’s trust can be a feat harder than climbing mountains. There has to be proof that you, too, want to challenge the world in the same way as them. That you see the value in unpicking what we call ugly, or unworthy of celebrating. That privacy is a default setting.

Darkness is a false cloak that Scorpio infinitely plays with. We must remember that what happens under hidden shades is not less true or real; it only requires trust to acknowledge that it has (or is) occurring. This is a Scorpio lesson to always carry forward in the space we hold for people of marginalised groups and identities different from our own. The trust that although we often can’t see or feel their pain, that it is real and worthy of care.

The world continues on when and where the sun is not shining. Moonflowers bloom in gardens of the Global South, and networks of fungi that lie beneath the surface of the earth help trees speak to one another. 

So, as we look down the road ahead onto another Eclipse season, where truths are harsh and life changes come out of left field, let what you find in the darkness guide you.  

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs this November!

Aries & Aries Rising 

Can you sense power dynamics shifting in your long term relationships, Aries?

November is beckoning intensity into some of your deepest bonds and presenting unexpected scenarios in front of you. Your month kicks off with the super new moon in Scorpio on 4 November bringing its shadowy presence into the zone of your sky that rules your messiest entanglements, and ancestral bonds. This lunation invites an opportunity to rebirth the way you relate to people whose connection was established long ago. Set intention around how you’d like to carve out newness and have a “phoenix” moment with them.

Uranus’s wildcard energy interacting with this moon might bring some unexpected messages from people connected to your bloodline too. Keep eyes out for messages from the other side. The next day, communication planet Mercury makes a move into Scorpio’s tides as well. This movement is a long awaited sigh of relief as Mercury has spent the last two months in your zone of daily partnerships and romance. Now, it’s time to have some hard conversations, and bring a new level of fierceness to your convictions.

19 November marks a major day in the cosmos, bringing a full moon and Lunar eclipse in neighbouring earth sign Taurus. Eclipses are notoriously dramatic and reveal a shift that’s undeniable in your life path. For you, Aries, this occurs in a zone of your sky that rules your relationship to materiality and finance. This may take the form of major uprooting in your work life, or major clarity around what’s been blocking abundance from flowing into your life. Buckle in, and trust that the way the universe wants to shift your lens is part of your destiny. Your month rounds off with Mercury jumping into the wanderlusting flames of Sagittarius, who inspires you to start researching trips to faraway places where you can chase a feeling.

Taurus & Taurus Rising 

Who has been intrinsic towards helping you define the person you are today, Taurus?

This November starts on an intense note as the new moon in Scorpio on 4 November plows into the area of your sky ruling over partnerships of all kinds. Whether it’s business-oriented, or a romantic dynamic, this lunation creates space for a new beginning to occur. If you’re on the hunt for love, set intentions around who and what you’d like to manifest in your future. Be wary of Uranus’ spontaneous dynamic interacting with this moon. Events that you could never foresee are likely to occur under the energy of this beautiful cosmic event.

The next day on 5 November, communication planet Mercury makes its much awaited move into Scorpio after months of transiting in and out of Libra’s airy energy. In Scorpio, Mercury is able to help you communicate more honestly in your partnerships, rather than beating around the bush to avoid potential conflicts. Embrace the headbutts that occur; they’re more generative than you can see in the heat of the moment.

19 November brings the full moon and lunar eclipse in your sign, dear Taurus! This energy blazes into the part of your sky that encapsulates you at your most unique and in tune with your own ways of thinking. Eclipses aren’t always comfortable, but they present you with moments to get on board with what’s happening rather than overthinking and moving slowly. Look out for messages and events that quite literally alter the way you see yourself, and who you feel you are deep down. Finally, your month rounds off with Mercury moving into fire sign Sagittarius, where you’re asked to focus attention onto your ride or die friends, and relationships that feel (or are) ancestral by nature.

Gemini & Gemini Rising 

Your physical body is an entity that you can’t ignore, Gemini. How well are you listening to it?

Your month begins on an intense note this Scorpio season. Go figure! Amidst this watery time of year, you’re called back into the grounding point for it all; your feet, limbs, heart. Everything that encompasses the physical presence you occupy in this terrestrial world is trying to get your attention. The new moon in Scorpio on 4 November invites you to start defining a new relationship to your body. Remember that new moons are about starting fresh and allowing space for untold intentions to come to life. Focus on manifesting whatever it is that you need to nourish your physique, whether that’s a lavish self care routine, or signing up to some movement classes.

Mercury, planet of communication and travel, moves from air sign Libra into watery Scorpio the next day on 5 November. For you, Gemini, this calls you into a new level of intensity in your conversations. Be wary of your tendency to put too many words into a response. Gauge what energy you have to offer before writing someone an academically-publishable explanation.

On 19 November, there’s a full moon and lunar eclipse which occurs in earth sign Taurus; awakening the zone of your sky that rules your most ethereal ways of expressing yourself and unearths events from the past that still need reckoning with. Do not shy away from what’s destined to occur on this day. Rather, buckle in, hydrate and brace yourself to be happily exhausted. Your month rounds off with astrological excitement on 24 November when Mercury moves into fellow mutable sign Sagittarius and invites you to take a new pace in the way you communicate within your partnerships – both romantic and platonic.

Cancer & Cancer Rising 

Your ability to bring joy into your life is directly linked to your creative outputs, Cancer. Have you been laughing enough lately?

November greets you with Scorpio season’s powerful drive locking you into new forms of inspiration and flirtatious fun. The way you protect yourself emotionally often causes you to take things too seriously. Now, you’re being challenged to let off some steam. The new moon in Scorpio on 4 November invites you to bring pleasure into your life, and satisfy the deep lust you’ve been trying to temper. The way Uranus interacts with this lunation adds a sultry element to what’s possible. Explore your inner drive both sexually and artistically; perhaps they converge at more places than you suspect.

This playful, yet naughty, drive awoken by the Scorpio new moon begins to translate into your communication style just a day later as Mercury moves into Scorpio as well. Mercury has spent the last two-ish months moving through chatty air sign Libra, and unearthed many dramatic events along its path. With this cycle ending, you’re finally able to move on and put a more concise and intentional tone behind your words. Focus on being direct with your truths rather than side-stepping in your usual fashion.

The full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus greets your sky on 19 November and catalyses some unexpected events within the wider political communities you’re part of. Eclipses are often moments of shock and quick shifts in a new direction. Lean into the fact that relationships with people you once called mentors might be falling away during this time. Reinvesting in who matters most, and the trust you have in your ethical footing. Your month rounds off with Mercury moving into fire sign Sagittarius which helps you regain some consistency in your daily routines and physical health-oriented goals.

Leo & Leo Rising

What have you been ignoring at home, Leo? Your personal space and sense of security are asking to be put in a place of priority.

The watery depths of Scorpio season greet you this November with the intensity of an aunty’s hug who hasn’t seen you in years. On 4 November, the new moon in Scorpio restores your relationship to familial bonds and invites you to redefine what you bring into, and get out of, your home. Be aware that it’s a lunation which requires an ability to confront the truth of what’s been going on in these spaces, though. Perhaps you’ve been out and about too much and ignored some vital upkeep, or your mum is awaiting a much overdue WhatsApp message. Don’t be afraid to admit a misstep, and move forward.

The honesty you’re seeking within yourself and others to move through these happenings arrives ready for you to embrace the next day on 5 November when Mercury, planet of communication and travel, moves into Scorpio as well. Infuse empathy into the confrontations which have to occur. Trust that when speaking from the heart, you’ll be able to get your point across to others.

On 19 November, the full moon and lunar eclipse in earth sign Taurus perfects at the top of your sky, and launches you back into the public eye after some much needed recalibrating at home. Eclipses are not exactly comfortable events. They harbour a tension and chaos to them that doesn’t always bode well in our routines. Keep in mind that while your voice might be urgently needed, you’re also responsible for respecting your own energy levels. Finally, your month rounds off with Mercury moving into fiery Sagittarius; adding a playful tone to the way you speak with new potential love interests, and infusing flirtation into your every wink or blink. 

Virgo & Virgo Rising 

As your mind races this month, how will you choose to communicate the truth, Virgo?

You’re no stranger to facts and figures, dear earth sign. Favouring logic is often a defining characteristic in how you communicate with others. However, given the passions that ignite within you this Scorpio season, it may be harder than usual to stay pragmatic in how you impart messages. The new moon in Scorpio on 4 November invites you to infuse a soulful vibe into the way you engage friends, students, and people in your local sphere. Let this be a new beginning where your heart is open, and emotions flow alongside truths you’re not afraid to impart to others.

The next day on 5 November, communication planet Mercury moves into Scorpio as well to help reinforce all of these ideas and intentions you set. Mercury has been progressing slowly towards this movement for nearly two months now. Although its transition is into a sign that is less partial to healthy debate, a sigh of relief is still happening. This is because it marks a distinct close to some financial and material drama the retrograde unearthed. Wave that goodbye and focus on the people whose presence matters most. 

On 19 November, there’s a full moon and lunar eclipse which occurs in fellow earth sign Taurus. Contrary to Taurus’s preferred modus operandi, eclipses bring rapid change and life shifts that are undeniably present in everything you do. For you, Virgo, this shift is occurring in how you express your ethos and who you look towards for the knowledge you ground yourself in. Breathe as you watch people fall from the pedestals you may have unknowingly placed them on. Finally, your month rounds off with Mercury moving into fire sign Sagittarius, who asks you to revisit family matters and ancestral messages you’ve been ignoring these last six months.

Libra & Libra Rising 

Your season has passed, but no one has forgotten you, Libra. What’s the next area you’re focusing on in your financial world?

November’s energies bring you into a faster pace that’s full of determination. Your drive to work hard at projects which garner material reward is peaking – especially on the new moon in Scorpio on 4 November. This is a great moment for you to set intentions around fiscally focused goals you have, as well as look out for any exciting opportunities that are circling nearby. Remember that what you desire is within reach. The way that Uranus interacts with this new moon brings an element of surprise that harbours potential to be chaotic, but fruitful for your long term goals.

The next day on 5 November, communication planet Mercury transitions out of your zone of selfhood and the unique way you express yourself, and finds its footing in watery Scorpio. This helps to reinforce the material manifesting you’re keen to do, and allows you to communicate from a place of both intensity and excitement for the potential this area of your life holds. Just remember to be discerning about who deserves this tone from you – evil eye which stems from envy is out there!

On 19 November, the full moon and lunar eclipse in earth sign Taurus blazes through the zone of your sky that rules your interconnected fiscal obligations, and long term relationships which form a bedrock of support in your life. This eclipse energy brings unexpected events and chaotic happenings. Be sure you’re practicing patience and trying your best to flow with change. Finally, your month rounds off with Mercury moving into fire sign Sagittarius, who calls attention to the spirit of friendship you love exploring. Look for new connections around every corner; especially in your local community.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Your season is in full swing, Scorpio. What solar return blessings are you excited for this year?

The energy of November is pushing you forward in how you embrace the parts of you you were once afraid people could not accept. Your darknesses, your nuances. To be both empathic and emotional yet intense like a tsunami’s deadly, watery wall is often a difficult space to occupy. The new moon on 4 November is a moment for you to remember that you hold these complexities well. It’s a moment that feels like a personal new year for you. Use it to focus on setting intentions for the type of relationship you want to have with yourself in this next year of life, and how you’ll stay open to growing your garden of self love.

The next day, communication planet Mercury transitions into Scorpio as well. This fated movement is long awaited in the cosmos as Mercury has spent the last two months moving in and out of Libra’s airy world. This marks a close to dramas that have occurred in your interpersonal dynamics these last few months, and allows you to move forward on a fresh note with how you engage in important discourses with others.

Majorly unexpected shifts in your relationships arrive on 19 November when the full moon and lunar eclipse in earth sign Taurus blazes through the zone of your sky that rules partnerships and romantic dynamics. Use this moment to shed away what’s simply not working anymore. Don’t fight the flow of this change. Rather, thank the universe for removing what wasn’t destined to stay with you. Your month rounds off with 24 November marking Mercury’s move into Sagittarius, who helps inspire you to speak abundance into your life. Manifest by speaking your desires out loud.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising 

How deep into the shadow realm do you dare go, Sagittarius? Spiritual cleansing requires confronting what lies in the darkest corners of your mind.

November begins on an exhausting note for you, dearest fire sign. Your ability to keep yourself perpetually charged-up is challenged when the new moon in Scorpio on 4 November brings an intense energy into the zone of your sky that rules occult happenings and your most mystic yearnings. This lunation asks you to dive into your past and figure out what is in need of release, while simultaneously inviting in new energies. If you’re ready to let go of a bad habit or tendency to turn to toxic behaviors in your relationships, now is your time to ask the universe for exactly what you need. Expect unexpected memories to surface which change your perspective on how you bring yourself into alignment.

The next day on 5 November, Mercury makes a long awaited transition into Scorpio’s watery depths as well. As it follows the moon in this move, a two month cycle is brought to a close; marking the end to certain drama’s you’ve had in friendship groups and wider political circles. Lean into a more honest and less delicate way of navigating how you communicate with others. Peace is not your responsibility to constantly keep anymore.

19 November brings you into a new phase of routine and ways of addressing your physical health needs as the full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus emphasises bodily needs. This is likely to take the form of a major disruption or unexpected event which causes you to think hard about where your priorities lie, and what the difference between functioning and feeling good is. Finally, your month rounds off on 24 November with Mercury moving into your sign, which allows you to speak your truth on a whole new level. Be sure that the audiences you’re doing this with are worthy of your time and willing to listen. 

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising 

Your connection to community elevates to a new level this month, Capricorn. How is the team you surround yourself with bringing you closer to your dreams?

The energies November offers you are malleable and exciting, dear earth sign. Scorpio season’s watery tides form a tidal wave of motivation and intensity on 4 November when the new moon in Scorpio occurs. This lunation asks you to dig deeper into the people you’re connected to who support and nourish your mind and goals. Gratitude rituals are best performed around this time, alongside lots of intention setting that involves nurturing and making time for those bonds. It’s likely that an aspiration of yours you’ve not had time to focus on will pop up in an unexpected way, too, given how Uranus’s spontaneity influences this moon.

The next day on 5 November, communication planet Mercury moves into Scorpio’s watery world as well. This transit breathes a form of relief into the zone of your sky that rules career oriented tasks and public facing work which became points of drama during this last Mercury retrograde. Although Mercury sharpens your tongue in Scorpio, your dreams become clearer and concise in the pathway towards them. 

19 November brings you to a space that harbours intense artistic inspiration at the cost of a bit of chaos. This is when the full moon and lunar eclipse in Taurus blaze through your zone of playfulness, joy and creativity. It’s also a place where romance begins and blooms! Eclipses are unpredictable and jarr our systems in important ways. Clear your schedule and see where life takes you. Finally, your month rounds off with Mercury moving into Sagittarius on 24 November. This movement deprioritises verbal communication and instead asks you to focus on feelings, movement, and body language in what you read through your interaction with others.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising 

What direction do you want to elevate in, Aquarius? Being visible to the audience that embraces you is tricky to reckon with, but necessary a lot of the time.

Behind the scenes work is important when it comes to developing the skills you’re keen to be known and renowned for. This is a given for you, as a natural researcher and explorer. However, Scorpio season invites you to hone in on the side of you that people see, hear, and emote with. The new moon on 4 November allows you a chance to redefine your relationship to the public eye, and set intentions around the way you want your visibility to be truly impactful. An unexpected opportunity to make a public appearance could occur around this time, too, given Uranus’s influence on this lunation. Time to practice that presenter’s posture!

The next day on 5 November, the great communicator Mercury moves into Scorpio and follows the moon through this watery terrain. This offers your intentions tools to manifest the changes you’re making in how you step into spotlights. Grab a mic and wing it, if need be. Follow the currents of your intuition, which will be flowing harder than ever during this time. Be sure to leave behind drama that’s lingered from the past few months in areas of your life that involve questioning your ethos, and who you go to for knowledge.

On 19 November, the full moon and lunar eclipse in earth sign Taurus cause disruption and changes to occur in the space you currently call home. Ground yourself in other spaces today; looking inward to feel safe rather than relying on your usual mechanisms to do the work for you. This is a test of family dynamics as well! Rather than manifesting on this moon, observe and take in what’s happening around you. Finally, your month rounds off with Mercury moving into fiery Sagittarius on 24 November. This transit inspires you to get more into speaking about the ethos of the work you care about, and letting people know exactly what your political ideas are.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Your inner explorer comes out to play this time of year, Pisces. Are you ready to ask the hard questions and get to the bottom of some mysteries?

November begins with Scorpio season in full swing, coursing a double dose of feelsy, water sign energy through your emotional world. Here, a massive emphasis on which knowledge sources you rely on to guide your moral compass occurs. The new moon in Scorpio on 4 November encourages you to look far away from your “home bases” for answers to the questions you have surrounding ethical matters. Listen to new mentors, and challenge yourself to insert more care into your drive to travel. A message from a faraway place might come into your inbox, too, given rebel Uranus’s connection with this lunation! Ground yourself on the regular, too. These energies are exciting, but easy to get swept away in.

The next day on 5 November, Mercury trails behind the moon as it moves into Scorpio, too! This transit is long awaited, to say the least. Mercury has spent the last two months moving in and out of Libra’s indecisive, airy realm and stirred up some unclear conversations between you and your long term companions. Now, Scorpio’s concise and intentional energy dictates how you conduct your research processes while also helping you to be honest and clear in your communication style.

On 19 November, there’s a lunar eclipse and full moon which occurs in steadfast earth sign Taurus. This lunation brings a burst of unpredictable energy into the zone of your sky which rules friendships and the learning you do in your local community. Hold onto whatever grounds you today, and don’t let the words of people who barely know you mar your sensitive soul. Self-soothing will be crucial around this time. Finally, your month rounds off with Mercury moving into fellow mutable sign Sagittarius, and gives you the confidence to speak in a more public arena about experiences, both joyful and difficult, which have granted you important wisdom.