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gal-dem monthly horoscopes: it’s Libra season but we’re weighing our options in more than just love

08 Oct 2019

Illustration by Nadia Akingbule

Virgo season brought us all the facts and figures. Now, Libra season has us moving them around on the playing board; pensively and meticulously strategising our next moves in love, relationships, and the larger goals we hold for ourselves in this lifetime.

I knew the first day of Libra season had arrived when the blustering winds of Autumn slammed the balcony door of my London flat shut so hard the whole house quaked. A fitting entrance to an air sign’s season, no? The calm of Virgo season had definitely left, and that Venus-ruled energy that needs to be noticed, seen, worshipped and indulged had 100% returned.

This Virgo season I found comfort in doing a proper end of summer clean-out of my home and making some pressing financial decisions. Applications were filled out, storage containers were bought, but, as I mentioned in last month’s ‘scopes, there was more to my Virgo season than cleaning and organising. I had wholesome, transformative conversations with my closest friends, and was even on the receiving end of some encouraging TLC from my partner (who has heavy Virgo placements!). Now, however, notes of the bougie energy we were embracing during Leo season have returned, but with an air sign twist, of course.

There’s a reason that Libra season starts on the Equinox when the centre of the Earth’s plane aligns perfectly with the centre of the Sun. It’s because Libra is all about equilibrium and justice. Symbolised in the zodiac by balanced scales (the only Zodiac sign without an animal familiar!) Libra arrives ready to ask all the right questions. To dig deep into a situation, and pick apart every pathway we can take. Why? Because Libran energy seeks happiness and comfort for all folx, and understands that to achieve it, we have to communicate often, and with deep concern. This sign is ruled by the pleasure-seeker planet Venus, who loves romantic love, but adores interpersonal harmony even more.

We’ve also entered a time in the astrological year when the work we’ve done in developing ourselves and growing through our past traumas is transformed and reoriented. As much as Libras can be typecast as flighty and fickle, their cardinal energy allows us to know ourselves through recognising the qualities of others. We feel more naturally inclined to consciously factor in other people into our decisions, and some of our happiest moments come from the conversations we’re keen to have with friends and comrades. No one can resist a cosy, romantic vibe this time of year either! But a thought to keep in mind during October is that justice and equality are not synonymous. Justice often has to come before equality can be achieved, and “balanced scales” don’t always look like everyone getting the same thing. 

This month, the air of industriousness Virgo season brought us isn’t going to stop, especially since chaotic Pluto is being released from its Retrograde Motion around 3 October; breathing a sigh of relief into our souls. Venus enters spicy Scorpio on 8 October, heating up the power dynamics in our love lives just before the ever-intense Aries Full Moon occurs on 13 October. Scorpio season begins on 23 October and as we set our intentions during the New Moon in Scorpio on 28 October, a few days later we celebrate the spookiest day of the year (31 October) with a haunting. Yep – it’s the start of another Mercury Retrograde period which will last until 20 November! Let the death, rebirth, and drama begin…

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs this October!



Happy Solar return, Libra! As your season unfolds, October is bringing you confidence and courage in your abilities to show the world who you are both physically and spiritually. Although the month begins on a serious note with some tension between transformative Pluto and your ruling planet Venus, this energy quickly evolves into extroverted excitement. It’s really time to think about what you want out of life. To think about what you love, what you want to explore in this next journey around the Sun, and how you’re going to show people it. Because you notoriously tend to be a people pleaser, this might feel excessive or indulgent, however, it’s crucial for your holistic realignment that you fully embracing the “reset” your season presents you with. Give yourself space to recenter yourself in your own universe!

The Full Moon in your opposite sign Aries on 13 October helps you confront these self-defining energies, and potentially set some new intentions and/or boundaries in your partnerships; platonic or otherwise. It’s a lunation that lights a fire under you and really asks you to put your foot down on what you’re not willing to tolerate, too. So have those serious chats you’ve been putting off with people, even if you know they could stir up some difficult feelings, and make that cutting (but necessary) statement even if it risks putting an end to a longstanding bond. When the New Moon in Scorpio occurs on 28 October, you might find yourself looking at some new (and perhaps distracting) work opportunity that have you focused less on others and more on your own hustle!


Libra season is asking you some difficult questions, Scorpio. With your season just around the corner, and another Mercury retrograde season beginning on the 31st of the month, Libra’s energy wants you to focus on forgiveness and release this October. It’s time to decide what burdens are yours to carry into the future, and which need to be mended through letting go. Whether it’s a grudge you’re so used to bearing it feels second nature or a past scenario you can’t help but blame yourself for, revisit the parts of your life that crave closure. The parts of you that haven’t fully healed, and the parts full of pain you’re acclimatised to. It’s time to let the dam of pent-up emotions burst!

The Full Moon in fire sign Aries on 13 October kicks things into gear with your routine and physical health. Aries energy focuses us on our physical and spiritual beings. Let this lunation guide you to tap into what needs upkeep, and what needs to change. It might be time for a deep conditioning hair mask, a salt bath, or even a routine trip to the GP! The New Moon in your sign on 28 October is the perfect opportunity to reset your intentions for the upcoming year and write down what you’d like to manifest.


It’s set to be an extroverted month for you, Sagittarius! During this spooky time of year, the cosmos have you thinking about how you balance your social time. As a sign that’s always seeking higher truth, and craves communication as a means to both learn and teach, it can be easy to exhaust yourself by accidentally spending too much time with others. Libra season’s scales ask you to think about how you divide your time between socialising purely for enjoyment, and for the wider causes and campaigns you support. When looking at your calendar, keep track of how many solo activities you’re doing, and whether it’s enough! Be sure to factor in time to mentally recover from being around other people’s energies rather than bouncing back and forth between activist circles you’re involved in, outings with your friends, and time with your bae(s). 

On 13 October, the Full Moon in fellow fire sign Aries blesses you with some joyful times. Plan an exciting activity with friends, or spend some time doing your favourite creative activities. If you’ve been hustling with more serious, career-related work lately, release that for a moment to embrace your inner child. When Scorpio season begins on 23 October and launches you into an introspective mindset, it might feel harder to reach that carefree attitude! Hold onto it while it lasts, and use it to remind yourself who and what you’re grateful for in this lifetime. Use the New Moon in Scorpio on 28 October to set intentions around how you plan on upkeeping your spiritual/mental health this coming year.


Being misunderstood is never pleasant, Capricorn. This October, the skies are helping you clarify how you communicate the meanings of your creative projects to others. To bring you to a place where you can confidently and assertively discuss your opinions and research with the people in your daily life and ensure that you’re showing off the knowledge you gained during Virgo season. Spend some time rewriting your biography, revamping your social media or even just sharing what you’ve been up to in the next group-hang you go to with your friendship circle.

The Full Moon in Aries on 13 October ignites your urge to host people in your space and create a comfortable, cosy atmosphere for your friends and family. Consider having people over for food or a film, even if it’s just a couple of comrades chilling with you in your room with some takeaway! The New Moon in Scorpio on 28 October is ready to reset your mindset around social groups you’re involved in, to keep a keen awareness of friendship dynamics and how your peers inspire you.


Your thirst for knowledge is never quenched, Aquarius. While Libra season is all about finding balance in our lives, it’s also about relating to others. In your search for eclectic energies, indulge your natural inclination toward understanding unconventional systems of belief, lifestyle choices and strange phenomenons. Listen to other people’s stories, and share some of your own too. Replace your reality TV programme queue with documentaries and scope out the aisles of your local library. Channel this yearning for learning into hobbies and activities that bring you joy and respite from life’s mundane moments. Don’t worry if you’re trying to recalibrate your routine and interests right now – fellow air sign Libra has people chatty and curious this time of year; more than willing to offer advice.

The next Full Moon is in fiery Aries, occurring around 13 October. This lunation asks you to reach out to your local community and see who is in need of your aid and advice. You’re wiser than you think, Aquarius, and the way Libra season loosens your tongue to get you chatting with others really brings this to light. The New Moon in Scorpio on 28 October recalibrates some of the goals you have for your work and career, so be ready for all of this learning to result in a transformed mindset!


You’re in tune with the air of mystery and ominousness October is bringing us, Pisces. As a sign that feels deeply and can sense even the slightest shift in atmosphere around you, Libra season can feel pretty overwhelming. People are hustling with a sense of urgency that borders on intrusiveness, and everyone’s curiosity has your email inbox overflowing. It’s time to work with the “need to know everything” attitude that air sign seasons bring us by honing in on your spiritual routine and reinforcing what your boundaries are. Give yourself permission to keep things to yourself and spend some time alone as a matter of spiritual/mental health. You’re allowed to hide away and be in your feels, little fish! Remember that you owe yourself the same courtesies that you generously offer others.

The Full Moon on 13 October occurs in fire sign Aries and straightens out a financial situation that’s been unclear and lingering in the back of your mind. Look out for signs that might indicate this fortuitous occurrence and check-in with your mentors about what to do when you receive this blessing! If what happens doesn’t appear to be a blessing at first, trust that what you’ll learn will result in higher understanding in the larger trajectory of your life. The New Moon in fellow water sign Scorpio on 28 October resets your feelings about how you receive messages and knowledge, indicating that it might be time for a social media cleanse, or a change in the media outlets you navigate on the daily.


Libra season redirects your attention in a way that doesn’t always feel natural, Aries. With the cosmos shifted into your opposite sign, you suddenly find yourself emphasizing what’s going on with others more than yourself. Watch out, as this social sky might encourage you to get a bit more involved in the lives of your friends and/or lover(s) than needed! Libra energy is rebalancing at its best, but gossip-y at its worst. While chatting might feel irresistible when your intense ruling planet Mars enters Libra on the 4 October, try to stay in your lane this season. Use that Libran sense of concern to act in the service of others rather than just stirring the pot – even when it seems harmless.

There’s a Full Moon happening in your sign this month, and it’s so important for you to tune into its energy on 13 October. When a Full Moon occurs in your sign it’s one of the best times to release anything that’s been weighing you down emotionally. Write down some feelings and situations you’re ready to let go of so you can enter the second half of the astrological year with a cleaner slate. You owe it to yourself to release that pent up energy! The New Moon in Scorpio on the 28 October is an important prelude to another Mercury Retrograde period which begins on 31 October. Set intentions that focus on transformations you’d like to see in some of your deeper bonds and practice patience with the people you love.


Libra season has your mind racing, Taurus. As the cosmos showers you in a flurry of air sign energies this October, you’re reminded of how you balance hustle, happiness and leisure. Libra shares their ruling planet Venus with you and boy does she love a bit of indulgence! Spend some time considering how you find balance between experiencing the sensations you love, (whether it’s eating, moving your body, shopping, sleeping, etc.) and the work you do to sustain them in your life. It could be that you’re ready to increase your hours at work to help save up for a holiday or even start a new side hustle. But also, Libra’s energy might bring you to realise that you need more rest and sensual joy woven into your daily life and that it’s necessary for you to take a step back in your work and be gentle to your body. Either way, let your thoughts organically guide you to solutions.

On 13 October the Full Moon in Aries plunges your mind deep into introspection. You’re called to release any tension built up in your body by expressing yourself non-verbally. Take a long, healing bath or dance the night away with your friends! Let anything keeping you stagnant melt away under the moon’s reflected light. Watch out for any new people you may meet around this time because the New Moon in Scorpio on 28 October is likely to bring someone or something into the picture that could turn into a fresh, exciting fling.


Your creative levels are at an all-time high, Gemini. This October is a great time for you to experiment with new ways of creating; whether it’s the design of your home or the artistic projects you’re involved in. Libra’s fellow air sign energies greet you with familiar fast-paced thoughts. You feel comfortable working with the attitudes the cosmos is serving you in order to generate fresh ideas in all areas of your life. Because of this, it’s a great time to do some problem solving since you’re bouncing back and forth between intense Scorpio energies that put you to work and Libra vibes which keep things light-hearted and playful. Don’t be afraid to take risks, as all the signs are likely to be transitioning into new routines as well! There’s plenty of empathy and care in the air.

The Full Moon on 13 October occurs in energetic fire sign Aries. This lunation asks you to find new ways to contribute to the groups you’re part of, or even leave some of those collectives behind. You’re a rapidly changing mutable sign, Gemini, and it’s often that you outgrow people and situations faster than you can perceive! Spend time really considering how you relate to the people in these groups, and think about how those dynamics impact your mental health. When the New Moon occurs in Scorpio on 28 October, you’ll finally feel able to put some action into motion should Libra season people-pleasing keep you stuck in indecision!


October asks you to find balance within your home, Cancer. As a sign that loves being cosy, you’re often counting down the minutes in your day before you can rush back to your bedroom and feel totally at ease. But Libra season wants you to spend some time thinking about what you need in order to cultivate rest, healing and joy in those spaces of comfort, and how you balance time away from them. Perhaps you’re ready to move around your furniture, bury your body under some new soft blankets or buy some fresh cut flowers to brighten up the dreariest corner of a room! Think outside of the physical realm too, as your ancestors could be asking you to adjust your space by giving it fresh air or cleansing it with sacred smoke. Find ways of bringing home comforts with you when you’re out and about, whether it’s in the form of an amulet or stone from your altar.

The Full Moon in fire sign Aries on 13 October brings you out of your reclusive, home-reinvention and into the spotlight – even if only for a moment! Should you give your peers a chance to see the work you’ve been doing in cultivating your space, people are likely to be impressed. Make a blog post or share your hard work on social media! This lunation is ready to remind you that you deserve some unapologetic praise, Cancer. The New Moon on 28 October occurs in sultry Scorpio, reminding you that your passions run deep, and your creativity is endless.


You’re perfecting your communication skills this October, Leo. As you move into a new phase of expressing your needs with care, you find yourself connecting with friends and peers around you on much deeper levels. Libra season asks you to put in work towards developing these new bonds by engaging in activities that centre learning and allowing yourself to show some vulnerability. Talking through issues with friends and being open to their advice is a lovely expression of trust, and shows that you’re willing to put down your pride! As you grow into these friendships, don’t be afraid to invite people over for a cute dinner party. Scorpio season begins around 23 October and brings your attention soaring back home as you’re inspired to nurture those closest to you.

The Full Moon in fellow fire sign Aries occurs on 13 October and brings you a revelation. Get ready to feel a release and have a major breakthrough with a spiritual adjustment you’re trying to make. If there’s a question you’ve been seeking an answer to these past few months it could become clear as this intense lunation unfolds; especially if has to do with matters of philosophy or more “academic” knowledge. The New Moon in Scorpio on 28 October brings you a fresh start in matters of your home and family, so get ready to clear out your closets either physically or mentally!


You’ve got money matters on the mind this month, Virgo. Libra season snaps you back to reality after September brought you moments of pleasant respite and spaces to share joy with friends. Now, you’re ready to focus on the more nitty-gritty aspects of life: finance, materials and working with the resources you have around you. Using your natural problem-solver abilities, take stock of what you’re manifesting in your work and reset your goals based on what material things you aspire to provide yourself with. Don’t shy away from getting rid of belongings that no longer serve you by giving them to friends or people in need, too! The karmic reward that comes from those actions will bless you for sure, especially when the Full Moon occurs in feisty Aries on 13 October.

Let this coming lunation guide you to release a longstanding conflict with an ex or someone else you have a deep bond with. The likelihood that you’re bearing an unnecessary burden is high, and Aries’s blunt energy mixed with the endings-focused Full Moon causes you to confront this. Schedule some time to organise your thoughts and talk it out with them around this time. You’ll need to give yourself space to mentally unpick some other sticky situations when your ruling planet Mercury begins to Retrograde on 31 October. Use the New Moon on 28 October to speak with your community and open yourself up to new friendships – but be sure you’re setting boundaries along the way! People love to lean on you for support, Virgo, so make sure you’re asserting when you need time to yourself to recharge and recover from social interaction.

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