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A Perfect Contract with Scotland’s sartorial traditions: Le Kilt AW17

18 Feb 2017

Batting their four layers of false eyelashes dipped in glitter, the girls of Le Kilt served sultry looks among pictures of designer Samantha McCoach’s mother and grandmother, clad in the brand’s traditional tam o’ shanters and brothel creepers, and of course their signature patchwork kilts. In a refreshing take on the Scottish classic, the kilt with a pastel pink horsehair panel stood out in particular, mixed perfectly with a traditional Sandquar knitted vest, updated in hot pink. A live band of violins played a tense soundtrack in the corner, enhancing the drama of latex gloves mixed with the luxury of cashmere. Entitled “A Perfect Contract”, this collection was all about collaboration with the people and places that connect with the designer on a deeply personal level.