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gal-dem monthly horoscopes: the winds of Gemini season are stoking the fires of revolution

Astrologer Marissa Malik on an action-packed June which will force us to address our commitment to Black Lives Matter.

09 Jun 2020

Gemini shares knowledge. She challenges naturalised ideas that turn into hegemonic replications of societal systems that only work for some. Why? Because Gemini is unafraid of a challenge. She’s ready to morph into something new in all of her mutable power. She’s fierce, flexible, and knows that there is always more than one solution to a problem. 

Gemini is symbolised in the zodiac by the twins. Suitably so, we’re simultaneously in eclipse and retrograde season. Eclipses are a time where the Sun, Moon, and Earth all overlap and prompt sometimes messy endings. They push us to make some tough calls through the chaos. On 5 June, we saw a Lunar Eclipse (New Moon) in Sagittarius, while 21 June brings a  Solar Eclipse (Full Moon) in Cancer. Then next month, the final Lunar Eclipse (New Moon) occurs in Capricorn.

The month begins with Venus, planet of love, still retrograding through Gemini until 25 June. As she encourages us to reflect on what we value during this time, her journey intersects with another Mercury Retrograde, which begins on 17 June. However, Venus doesn’t just rule love and infatuation. She rules the material and monetary as well.

This Venus Retrograde has further revealed the unfortunate fact that we live in a world that cares more about economies than the safety of human lives; the ongoing Covid-19 crisis has shown us this. Within that fact also lies the insidious structure of white supremacy, which creates further delineations of value on those lives. Black lives always end up at the bottom of this paradigm. As the United States approaches its Pluto return in the upcoming years, we’re witnessing power structures shifting, and necessary political upheaval because of the efforts of black leaders. Its ripples are felt here in the UK, and around the world.

These retrogrades are also calling us into remembrance. They pull us deep into our own psyches and encourage us to recalculate every fibre of the reality we recognise today. Our past selves will make appearances as histories (personal and global) repeat themselves, making us question: What differences do I see in myself between then and now? What do I believe now that I didn’t then? Who am I ready to become?

Remember as well that astrology is not simply “energy and flow” that exists within a vacuum. It has context and causality. The “love and light” you give others cannot come without solidarity and action against both systematic and individual acts of racism. The narrative that oppressed and marginalised people can simply “manifest” the future they want for themselves through individual schemes of self improvement is gaslighting. 

Remember as well that you’re never alone because your ancestors always walk with you. Similarly, it’s crucial that non black people embody this by not deserting black folks in their current struggle. Collective action is key. 

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs this June.



Happy solar return, Gemini.

It’s your season, so scheme to your heart’s content this June. This month is about tapping into your resourcefulness. Your planetary ruler Mercury goes into retrograde on 17 June, causing you to reevaluate more than just your finances. In the past few months, you’ve undergone many lessons in what you truly need versus what is essentially just background noise surrounding you. As past perspectives from yourself and others pop up through these musings, trust where you’re at now – especially as global economic scales tip in a chaotically unpredictable way.

Remind yourself as well to separate your sense of self worth from your bank account. You’re incredibly multifaceted. On 21 June, make sure to allow the simultaneous Solstice and Solar Eclipse to guide you into new habits in your work routines and purge unnecessary objects around you



Thinking about the long term in life is daunting for many people right now – you especially. This June, you’re hyper-aware of all the moving parts in your life. The key is to avoid being too overwhelmed by them. Remember that everything fits together at the apex that is you, but can be still addressed individually.

Boundaries between areas of your life are crucial. Keep this in mind when Mercury goes retrograde once again on 17 June in your sign and brings up many shadows of your past selves. Forgive yourself for who you once were, but praise what has maintained that you admire in yourself. You’ll feel this sombre energy lighten when Venus exits its retrograde through Gemini on 25 June.

here’s a solar eclipse (new Moon) on 21 June in your sign on the first full day of your season. Use this time to celebrate you and wipe the slate clean. Take pause from reflectiveness (even for just a moment) to come into your body. Dance, play, sing, and/or run down your street. Find a reason to display exuberance. 



Don’t compete for the limelight this June, Leo. Now is not the time to simply do something publicly because there’s social pressure to perform your politics. Of course do your part for causes. Be involved to whatever level of capacity you have. But know that energies this month are pushing you more towards more inwards work. Work that focuses on your personal learning and unlearning, as well as rest and recovery.

Mercury goes into retrograde on 17 June in a zone of your sky that seeks quiet and calm to help facilitate healing. As you think about past actions you might regret or difficult times that you’ve not given adequate space to mend from, address them. This is a road you’ll likely have to go on your own, but the bustle of Gemini season until 21 June will make it hard to forget that you’re surrounded by a loving community. 

The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on 5 June helped close out a cycle of love in your life that might have not been the healthiest. Lockdown breakups aren’t easy of course, but now isn’t the time to settle for anything less than what you deserve. On 21 June, the Cancer Solar Eclipse takes you back into your body and might just push you to tears. As you feel old hardships bubbling inside you, find ways to release and reset.



You’re compelled to contribute your voice to the conversation this June, Virgo. In a classic earth sign way, you’re questioning your usefulness to others and coming down hard on yourself for your level of “productivity” in the current context of a global pandemic and political turmoil. What’s important is for you to cling onto the idea of not defining yourself solely by what you give to others. Remember that you’re more than a tool for people to wield when they need. Think about things that define your character and make you unique. When Mercury Retrograde begins on 17 June, write them down, and remind yourself of them often. The role you play within your community is much more nuanced than you may give yourself credit for.

The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius earlier this month in your zone of home and family will have you seeing new dynamics arising in your living space and an ongoing conflict with those closest to you coming to a head. Cancer season begins around the same time that the Cancer Solar Eclipse occurs on 21 June; during this time, challenge yourself to forge new dynamics with people from your social circles and larger political community. Just be careful not to undermine the importance of your presence within the group.



June finds you excited but exhausted, Libra. People are finally catching on to ideas and concepts you’ve been saying for what feels like years now. It’s a strange type of frustration for you. Gemini season is now tasking you with the role of bringing complexity to the conversations you’re having with your community. Challenge the blanket mainstream terms people are throwing around by adding more questions to the mix. As we move into another Mercury Retrograde cycle on 17 June, you’ll feel called to make yourself both seen and heard regarding issues that feel like old news. It’s okay to be cynical when this happens, but remember that releasing that energy will feel best when you have the right people around you.

Eclipses are here this June and they’re ready to help you make some decisions around what you want from life going forward. Is it time for a career shift? Or to reenter a formalised learning environment? When the Cancer Solar Eclipse rolls through on 21 June, and you’re thinking about your work and general life path, expect some snappy realignment that will ultimately be for the best.



You have more to learn this June, Scorpio. When it comes to understanding how people’s identities are politicised, it’s okay to start with yourself, but the work can never end there. It’s time to interrogate your views and the views of those closest to you as well. Have difficult conversations, and don’t pretend to know the answers if you don’t.

Mercury Retrograde begins on 17 June, and in this cycle, you’ll be pushed to expand the bodies of knowledge you draw on in your daily life. However, in order to do that, you’ll have to start from a place of vulnerability. Replenish your reading lists and keep yourself more receptive to changes of all kinds than usual during this time. When the Solar Eclipse in Cancer comes around on 21 June, you’ll be feeling active in your learning processes. Join a reading group if you start to feel antsy just keeping everything in your own head.



Your partnerships are changing because you’re changing, Sagittarius. As a mutable sign, you shapeshift with the times, but fit your unique perspective into everything you do. However, now, it’s a matter of tackling the hollow feelings you’re left with after people leave your life. Venus Retrograde ends on 25 June, but leaves you in the midst of another Mercury Retrograde. This means that your mind will try to fill the gaps of loss with unhelpful nostalgia. Don’t sugarcoat the past during this time. Instead, extract concrete lessons that you learned and invest in the existing bonds you have that nourish you on a deep level.

On 21 June when the Solar Eclipse in Cancer occurs, get ready for a wakeup call in matters of long term financial commitments. Check in on your bank account! Things are shifting, especially in financial ventures that you share with someone else…



June wants you to pull yourself out of the distraction of daily toil that you use for escapism, Capricorn. No amount of organising, tidying and scheduling can bring you into a place where you’re happy without the difficult conversations and confrontations that reset your course. This isn’t to say that you need to jump into hasty decisions regarding break ups or routine-rehauls. Rather, create space in your day for the conscious reflecting that will get you there eventually.

When Mercury Retrograde begins on 17 June in your zone of partnerships, expect to get some calls from past loves. Venus Retrograde ends on 25 June, but given how Mercury is moving through your sky, the coming weeks will still feel like major moves are happening in your interpersonal connections.

On 21 June, the Solar Eclipse in your opposite sign Cancer calls attention to your romantic relationships, tying into the major theme of your Mercury Retrograde! Watch out for arguments with your partner around this time: the honest (potentially harsh) truth will make an appearance.



What are you committed to this June, Aquarius? Is it dreaming up speculative futures with your friends or fighting on the front lines? Both hold valid places in the revolution. Remember that your place within a struggle doesn’t have to be a role that already exists. Trust that your instincts will guide you to do the right type of work. When in doubt, remember that you can innovate and engineer dream worlds better than most. Why not flex that muscle and imagine that is exactly what you need it to be? Write it down in detail.

This Mercury Retrograde, which begins on 17 June, tells you to do things that make you feel “useful” that don’t squash your creativity. By 21 June, when the Summer Solstice and Solar Eclipse in Cancer arrive, you’ll be ready to realign your routine to whatever new hobbies or tasks you’ve been devoting yourself to.



There’s a difference between being lonely and isolated, Pisces. They’re also not mutually exclusive. This June, it’s up to you to identify the difference between how those feelings manifest in your body and why. Which one triggers the other? Can you catalyse the yearning that both of these feelings create to generate momentum in your life that you often rely on other people for?

On 21 June, when the solar eclipse occurs in cosy Cancer, you’ll be feeling an energy of playfulness that you’ve been missing since even before your season back in March. However, when Venus Retrograde finally ends on 25 June, it leaves you amid another Mercury Retrograde cycle, where you’ll be re-evaluating how you harness romance in your life. Challenge yourself to stave it off for as long as possible and experiment with loving yourself as intensely as you do others.



When you learn that facts you once treated as fundamental to your understanding of the world are utterly untrue, it can feel like the foundation of your home is cracking, and your mind can’t rest the same way. Your anxieties through this are valid, Aries, but don’t fill those cracks with distractions and denial. This month is about questioning things to their core and accepting new realities. Before you even enter that territory, trust that the other side of your exploration will hold more beautiful and harmonious horizons. 

Mercury Retrograde begins on 17 June and provides you with space to feel at home in new comforts through an exploration of what used to be the roots that ground you. Expect to get back in touch with old friends and family, too. Then, on 21 June, the Cancer Solar Eclipse carries you back into your home. Bury yourself in a pile of books on your bed and refresh the energy of your space.



You’re moving steadily this June, Taurus. Don’t let the chaos around you interrupt your flow. Instead, weaponise it. Allow your sturdy nature to help stabilise others on their journeys through all of the noise and upheaval around you. When the solar eclipse in water sign Cancer occurs on 21 June, you’re ready to set strong intentions towards putting tangible actions behind the beliefs you support.

Venus Retrograde ends on 25 June, but leaves you in the throes of Mercury Retrograde. This transition brings you from a period of rethinking your values and rectifying actions from your past into a period of learning and unlearning that can only be achieved by speaking to your community. You have a strong duty of care right now – don’t deny it.

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