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Illustration by Nadia Akingbule

gal-dem monthly horoscopes: Virgo season brings boundaries and brattiness

Astrologer Marissa Malik is predicting angry reckonings and an early nod to Halloween this spooky September.

08 Sep 2020

Illustration by Nadia Akingbule

Happy Virgo Season! As usual, September is coming at us with lots of “let’s get my life together”, but there’s a fun, bratty twist happening in 2020. Boundaries are being reasserted and attitudes tempered, yet we’re craving attention from friends and lovers (as well as flirtatiousness) in a major way. 

We owe this to communication planet Mercury who moves into socialite-sign Libra on 5 September, as well as romance planet Venus’s move into showstopper Leo the next day. 

Additionally, we begin an intense Mars retrograde cycle on 9 September, which causes us to confront how we confront things and the anger we carry with them. Is passive aggression your go-to method? When you say “it’s fine”, is it really fine? Maybe you’re ferocious without rhyme or reason. Everyone is different and as we unpack this relationship to anger (and Goddess knows we have a lot to be angry about in 2020!) we’re set to learn more about ourselves than we anticipated this month.

Luckily, wise and hopeful Jupiter ends its retrograde in Capricorn on 13 September and enters revolution-seeking Aquarius, keeping your larger goals in sight. Setting your sights on the horizon can be key for more difficult healing endeavours.

The Autumnal Equinox (and Libra season) arrives with a bang on 22 September, revealing more shadowy parts of ourselves that Mars retrograde is dredging up. This is followed by Mercury’s move into sultry Scorpio on 27 September. Basically, things get spooky towards the end of the month, and it might just feel like October is arriving early this year…

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each sign this month!


Virgo & Virgo Rising

Happy solar return, Virgo! Your season is here, bringing with it a space for you to renegotiate your relationship to work, and reassert what you want out of your intimate relationships. The month begins with a full moon in your opposite sign, Pisces, causing keen awareness of where you’re at in your romantic life. Whether it’s happily boo’d up or on the search for new lusty adventures, this lunation wants you to own your position within these dynamics. Take control, and action in a way that nourishes your emotional self. Pisces energy is potent enough to stir things inside us that crash them down like a tidal wave. On 5 September, your ruling planet moves into chatty Libra, pushing you to take a more material approach to how you communicate. It’s your season, after all. Why not shower (or at least sprinkle) yourself in some gifts? Then, a few days later on 9 September, Mars retrograde begins in fire sign Aries. This tense time, which spans for the next two months, presents an opportunity for you to heal from past hurt in your long-term relationships. Just know that it might require getting mad at events and occurrences you thought were long buried. 

The new moon in your sign on 17 September wipes your slate clean and marks the beginning of a new chapter for you. New moons are a time where we begin again, so let this be a moment for you to bring in new ways of thinking about yourself, fresh focal points in your goals, and a freeing moment for forgiveness. This moment of alignment will help you hold it down when the autumnal equinox and Libra season begin on 22 September; a time where people will be exposing parts of themselves that often hide in the shadows. Remember to hold your own and not try to control others; even when they’re acting a complete fool. You’re the captain of your own ship, not theirs!


Libra & Libra Rising

What does it take for you to slow down, Libra? It shouldn’t always be a feeling of utter exhaustion. It’s important for you to take on slowness as a choice, and factor in stillness to your time; even if you feel like you’re letting people down. Besides, planning rest and managing people’s expectations of when you can show up for them is better than being a last minute flake! September begins with the full moon in Pisces, illuminating an area of your sky that wants you to lean into retreat, and wind down after the chaos of the past few hotter months. Immerse yourself in a bath and drown out the sounds of housemates or the bustling world with your favourite mixtape or album. On 6 September, your ruling planet Venus moves into feisty Leo, pushing you to look at the foundation of your desire. Is it sustainable? Does it push you to look beyond wanting something just for the sake of it feeling good? Move confidently into new relationships, but stay aware of how your needs are situated within a global context.

On 9 September, Mars begins its retrograde through impulsive Aries, where for the next two months it will cause you to question your relationship to lust and creativity. During this time, push yourself to evaluate when and where you’re having those “ah-ha” moments that push your imagination. Also consider what your sex drive is motivated by! This period wants you to dig deeper into being conscious of your drive and motivation. On 17 September, the new moon in Virgo sends you into a pensive, meditative place. Submit to your need of being  alone! You can’t schedule this feeling away. Your season begins with a bang on 22 September, so get lots of rest before then.


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

Are you staying in touch with the larger picture, Scorpio? Virgo season is pulling your head out of the sand. September begins with a full moon happening in fellow water sign Pisces; the dreamiest, most romantic of the signs. As it shines a light on a part of your chart that craves tactility and affection, you’re asked to find new approaches to your expressions of love. This lunation is charged up with sexuality too, so don’t ignore any flirtatious vibes you’re getting from your partner or lovers. On 9 September, Mars begins its infamous retrograde through Aries. During this phase, you’re asked to consider how you run your time. Even if your schedule isn’t completely up to you, you’re in charge of executing it – this is a powerplay in itself. For the next two months of this retrograde, get physical and let out release in ways you haven’t before. The new moon in Virgo occurs on 17 September and brings you into a deeper level of connectivity with your social groups and friendships; pushing you to be clear about what your political views are. Speak your truth, but know your audience. This is a time to be honest, but not bulldoze a situation. 

22 September brings the autumnal equinox, as well as Libra season! This major cosmic shift is shrouded in intense energy. Libra season calls you to do more difficult, shadowy work that you’d rather not confront, and on the day this shift occurs, Mars is in a difficult conversation with celestial body Lilith who loves danger and drama. Be wary of what you get invested in during this time. When communication planet Mercury moves into your sign on 27 September, your voice will ring loud and clear through the chaos around you.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Virgo season is showing people that you’ve upped your hustle, but what part of the narrative they’re seeing is most important to you? September has you taking on a new handle of how you exert control. The month kicks off with a full moon in Pisces checking in on things at home, and restoring a tenderness to your space that has been forgotten in the fray of the past few months. This softness doesn’t always come out in you and can feel uncomfortable in its vulnerability, but is a crucial way to reconnect with your chosen family and the people you share space with. A few days later on 5 September, communicator Mercury moves into chatty Libra, and sparks some thoughts in your mind surrounding ethics and moral obligations to your community. As your work starts to pick up and your public image flows in a new way, keep these Libra-inspired thoughts present at the forefront of your mind. They’ll be key in deciding whether to say yes or no to new projects.

Your ruling planet Jupiter, who rules wisdom and fortune, is released from its retrograde in Capricorn on 13 September! As it begins to move forward in air sign Aquarius, you’re finally able to reconnect with your goals and see the horizons you eventually want to cross one day. Remember that you won’t do this journey alone – reconnect with friends and peers who have fallen by the wayside these past six months. The new moon in Virgo on 17 September is a fresh opportunity for you to take forward these lessons into campaigns you’re launching or concepts you’re sharing that are closely attached to your public image. This will set you up for a blessed equinox a few days later on 22 September when Libra season begins and brings the drama!


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

You’re in a position where people are looking to you for the answers, but you’re still learning them yourself, Capricorn. Are you able to be a teacher and a student at the same time? Virgo season is asking you to step into humility, and know when to say “I don’t know”. September begins with a full moon illuminating an area of your sky that’s social and chatty with a motivation of learning new ideas. Embrace your role as a novice in whatever areas you know you’re on this lunation, and divorce yourself from the idea that you not knowing things is a threat to your reputation. Being willing to admit you’re not the person to give an answer on something takes a different type of knowledge that’s just as valuable. On 6 September, romance planet Venus moves into an area of your sky that’s only got eyes for a few people. Who will become the center of your attention these next few weeks? Choose wisely. 

You receive a sense of relief in money matters on 13 September when Jupiter is finally released from its retrograde through your sign! This planet of wisdom moves forward in neighbouring sign Aquarius and the fog that’s lifted provides you with an opportunity to look at financial matters from a clearer perspective. Spend some time sorting your accounts and imagine what their potential is if you follow through on your goals. The new moon in Virgo on 17 September puts you in a new position of authority that you’re used to holding, but not in this exact way. Tread lightly on the opinions of others when bringing them into new ways of thinking. Remember – you catch more flies with honey. Libra season begins on 22 September and arrives with a bang on the same day as the autumnal equinox! Look out for a career opportunity here, but read the fine print.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising 

How many times can you break your own heart, Aquarius? Virgo season is asking you to forgive yourself for the chances you didn’t take because you thought it might compromise who you are. Your month begins with the sky lighting up in excitement with a full moon in Pisces! This water sign lunation brings you memories of past loves, and objects associated with them. Greet this nostalgia without judgement and allow yourself space to get rid of material things that are stopping you from letting go. On 9 September, Mars retrograde begins. For you, this means that action planet Mars is moving backwards through a zone of your sky that causes you to confront past fallings out with friends, and the way you showed (or didn’t show) your anger towards them. Anger is a complex emotion for you to hold because it comes out in ways that often vary. Sit with the range of tools you have for expressing anger during the two months of this retrograde period, and see if they need expanding or embellishing on. 

On 13 September, expansive Jupiter is released from its retrograde through Capricorn, and begins its journey forward in your sign! This is an incredibly lucky time for you, so enjoy the optimism and hopefulness that it brings; especially regarding aspirations you have for yourself in personal evolution, and modes of self care you want to bring into your routine. A few days later, the new moon in Virgo offers you a chance to start things fresh in your deepest relationships. Use Jupiter’s restored optimism and Virgo’s clear communication style to tell your person how much they mean to you, and why you do (or don’t) want to carry forward in life with them. It’s time for decisions to be made. Libra season begins on 22 September, and is all about traversing new terrain and learning, so get your goals in line now.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

Virgo season is frustrating yet fun for you Pisces. Ready for the challenge? If this September feels like a massive puzzle, that’s because it is. This is a time of year where your relationships are at the forefront of your mind; confronting you with what’s lacking in your sense of desire. Is it a warm body to cuddle, or the monotony of a relationship? Remember that those two things can happen in isolation and don’t take away the validity of either. The month begins with a full moon in your sign, lighting up your zone of self-oriented thinking. Lunations like these are crucial for you to make sure you’re living for yourself and not someone else.

You deserve to dictate your time (to whatever extent capitalism makes that possible) and sing yourself to sleep. On 6 September, when Venus enters fiery Leo, you’re called to question how much energy you put into creating a schedule that caters to your needs rather than those of others. Again; keep yourself at the center of your narrative. 

A few days later on 9 September, Mars begins its retrograde through Aries in a zone of your sky that rules value, monetary matters and objects you keep around. This period is a time for you to reflect on when you express anger, and how. Maybe it’s not enough to just journal the pain away, or listen to an album on repeat? Speaking through the material could be a key in unlocking greater potential for release. The new moon in Virgo on 17 September brings new love into your life in the form of a renegotiation of your need for romantic relationships vs. your need for friendships. A new balance will be struck, and it will take some adjusting to maintain. Remember that you’re doing what’s right for the energy levels you’re living with in this moment.


Aries & Aries Rising 

September is asking you to monitor your pace, Aries!

As a fire sign that loves to go fast, there’s nothing like Virgo season to make you check in on how sustainable your current rhythm is. If you’re diving headfirst into new routines and choices that feel wholesome for you, that’s amazing! However, heading 100 miles per hour in a new direction can be a recipe for burnout. Consider a slow integration; especially in routines and schedules that relate to your physical body and work-related drive. On 2 September the full moon in Pisces pushes you to check in with your deep, subconscious self. Take some time out to meditate, or dwell in emotions you often avoid. This will help you recalibrate and prep for 9 September, when your ruling planet Mars enters a retrograde phase. 

Mars retrograde is a big one for you. It’s super focused on being alone and doing inner work. This retrograde wants you to confront some uncomfortable aspects of how you hold anger and the ways you’ve stagnated in your thinking; especially in relation to your view of yourself. The New Moon in Virgo on 17 September arrives ready to transition you into bringing new patterns and norms into your daily life. This is a great time to get serious with any lifestyle shifts you’re trying to create. Then, when the Equinox (and Libra season) transitions on 22 September, you’ll be ready to pull yourself into a social sphere where you can express vulnerability around the shadowy sides of the inner work you’ve been doing.


Taurus & Taurus Rising 

Where does your creativity flourish, Taurus? Your month begins with the Pisces full moon on 2 September illuminating an area of your sky that prefers to feel its way towards change than jump right in. This energy brings you into keen awareness of how group dynamics are playing out right now. If you notice that something is off in your friendship circles; speak up. It might be the right time to take on the role of peacekeeper. On 6 September, your romantic ruling planet Venus moves into fiery Leo, helping you assert needs and boundaries; especially in relation to family matters. Carry forward your assertive tone with political groups you’re part of and in the time you spend with your chosen family, too.

The 9 September is when Mars retrograde returns! This frustrating period, which lasts for about two months, is pushing you to release pent up frustration and assess the benefits of holding onto grudges you’ve accumulated over the years. Rest and release are likely to be the antidote for difficulty around this time. The New Moon in Virgo on 17 September puts you in a creative flow that feels very different from other moments you’ve had this year. As you draw inspiration from pleasure and play, be careful not to overwhelm yourself with sensory experiences (even if they feel great). The Equinox on 22 September brings in Libra season, which is a time for you to do some thinking about the relationships that matter the most to you and check in with your similarly politically-minded peers.


Gemini & Gemini Rising

Have you ever thought of home as a place you go within yourself, Gemini? September begins with a big push for you to address the balance (or lack thereof) between more traditional ideas of “work” (or what people define as your career) versus the labour you’re putting into your living space and cultivating a home. Home symbolises safety, warmth, and as I’m sure you’ve heard before, a house isn’t necessarily a home. Creating home for yourself is a process and a journey that requires devotion and time. Are you ready to commit yourself to it? The full moon in Pisces on 2 September addresses the extroverted energy you’ve been moving through lately to keep your head afloat. Maybe it’s time to slow down! Let the watery Pisces vibes grind the gears of your schedule to a peaceful halt. Your ruling planet Mercury moves into Libra on 5 September, and lifts you with creative inspiration. Now is a great time to get your flirt on, especially if you’re on the lookout for a new bae! 

Then, when Mars retrograde rolls around on 9 September, things start to get heated. As this planet of action and anger moves through an area of your chart that has to do with social circles and political ethos, it’s time to reflect on the energy you’ve invested into your community. Brace yourself for memories of times others  didn’t match your efforts in the way you needed them to, and for frustrations to rise. It’s time to find a new outlet for them. The new moon on 17 September occurs in steady Virgo, and pushes you further inward into reflection about the true meaning of home. Start fresh with your chosen family. Choose the places and faces you deem “home” with care. The equinox on 22 September also marks the beginning of Libra season. Brace yourself for drama and romance in this sultry seasonal shift.


Cancer & Cancer Rising 

You’re coming into your voice with a type of sensitivity that everyone needs right now, Cancer. September starts off with the full moon in Pisces, pushing you into pensive analysis about the systems of knowledge and truth you live your life by. As tides shift around you in a way that’s naturally established by the flow you’ve created, it’s important to check-in and see if this is what you really want. Remember that it’s always okay to change course! This is an inquisitive time of year for you, so don’t be afraid to ask your peers what’s going on for them and compare notes. On 9 September, Mars begins to retrograde through Aries. This transit occurs for about two months in which you’re required to reflect not just on how you hold anger, but how you release it. The key is not to let this transit be a cause for retreat inwards, but rather a moment for you to finally say what’s needed saying for a very long time; especially in your places of work. Luckily, Jupiter is released from its retrograde on 13 September and moves into creative Aquarius, making the path towards achieving your long-term goals more achievable than before. This is also set to help you decide if you’re headed in the right romantic direction too.

On 17 September, the new moon in Virgo helps you articulate your needs in a more direct way that clearly asserts your boundaries! This holds especially true in your friendships and wider peer groups. Write some affirmations to remind yourself that this is neither “mean” nor “rude” of you. Then, on 22 September when the autumnal equinox occurs and Libra season simultaneously begins, you’re ready to devote some time to getting cosy and comfy for the colder months ahead.


Leo & Leo Rising

Who are the people that really matter? What possessions could you simply not live without, Leo? Your Virgo season is about stripping back the excess that has accumulated over the summer months. September begins with the full moon in Pisces lighting up a deep, ancestral area of your sky that focuses its attention on your closest bonds and the pain they may have caused in the past. During this difficult walk through your memories, put into perspective what you lost at the time and how you’ve survived without it. Are you better off without it or do you desperately need it back? Pisces energy reminds you that it takes a lot for love to die, and even in death, its residue is present. 

Venus, planet of love and value, moves into your sign on 6 September to help you figure out what needs to stay in your wardrobe and what needs to go. This decisive energy applies to your romantic relationships as well! It’s basically saying, “don’t be greedy”. A few days later on 9 September, another infamous Mars retrograde begins. As this energetic planet moves through Aries in a zone of your sky that rules knowledge and ethos, you’re called into a space where questioning your values is rife. Remember that it’s okay to get mad at the beliefs the past “you” held. You have the power to change and this transit is here to remind you of it. 17 September brings the new moon in Virgo, which nourishes your need to inhabit a streamlined mindset of saying “no” to excess. Say goodbye to possessions that have lingered for far too long. The autumnal equinox on 22 September brings in Libra season, which is set to sweep you up into new, extroverted energies and fierce friendships.

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