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gal-dem horoscopes: Virgo season is much more than to-do lists and tidying

03 Sep 2019

Illustration by Nadia Akingbule

The summer is cooling off and we’re cozying up to comfortable astrological energies as September brings us a lovely combination of harmony and helpfulness; patience and precision.

During July, the first day of Virgo season brought me the email of my dreams that released me from a very fun (but very spirally) Leo season filled with socialising, stunting in beautifully curated outfits created by my best friend, and melodramatically missing flights across the world. The TLDR on this is that nation-state borders are irritating at their best and violent at their worst, and I was a sitting duck in American while the UK home office took its sweet time sending me my artist visa which would allow me to return to London. Leave it to that fire sign lioness energy to crank up the heat and make life feel like a full-on telenovela.

Now, the transition from Leo to Virgo season means that rather than flaunting our stuff and fretting at drama, we’re moving into high capacity “go-mode”. We’re encouraged to continue working hard at manifesting change in our lives guided by the turmoils we experienced during June/July’s retrogrades and eclipses, as well as thinking about what “work” really means to us.

Virgo rules an area of our skies that has to do with routine, bodies, health and the work we commit ourselves to. Unfortunately, when we think of the term “work”, Capitalism™ directs our minds to career, our place of employment and phrases like, “Oh shit, I need to pay rent soon.” Because of this, our Virgo angels are often stereotyped as only serving us with boring life admin and busying obligations which take away from leisure or time we spend doing what we love. However, our beloved mutable Earth signs are so much more than this. How could a sign ruled by trickster planet Mercury not be!? 

I have so much wide-eyed, Piscean admiration for Virgos. As my opposite sign, they always seem to embody a gap in my life that my floaty water sign brain can’t fill. They offer me grounding perspectives I never knew I needed and blunt yet reassuring analyses of my love life that put my anxieties at ease.

So, remember that Virgo energy is your bestie opening a Rubicon can for you because they know you just got your nails done and that one friend who always has a tampon in their bag. Virgo energy is your aunty licking her thumb to wipe a smudge off of your cheek, and your lover remembering exactly how you like your coffee in the morning. Virgo energy knows what we need (even when we’re in denial of it ourselves), and gleefully nurtures us with it.

When we harness Virgo’s industriousness and perfectionism and point it in the direction of our important relationships, budgeting time for creative passions, and political organising (which is much needed given the current trash fire that is the UK) there’s endless potential to reach our goals and see a more just world come to fruition.

Ultimately, Virgos just really give a fuck and we need people in this world to give a fuck if anything is going to change.

This month, we’ve got a Full Moon in weepy Pisces on the 14 September, and a New Moon in justice-loving Libra seeing us into Autumn on the 28 September. Jupiter, the ruler of luck and fortune, is also in deep conversation with dreamy Neptune all month, making it a great time to think outside of the box while you write up your Virgo-inspired game plans. We’re going to have to watch out for ambiguous Neptune towards the middle of Virgo season, though, as it clouds our vision a bit with its interactions with other celestial bodies…

Oh, and before I forget, did I mention that Beyoncé is a Virgo?

With all of this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the signs 12 this September!



Happy solar return, Virgo! This month is allowing you space to address lingering unresolved issues. You’re feeling empowered by how many planets are basking in your sign’s energy, and it’s blessing you with that “can-do” attitude you thrive on. As you hustle about your days, remind yourself to still embrace your inner recluse. Your Earth sign energy isn’t just about being busy, but about how important it is to wind down and check-in with yourself, by yourself. As much as it may feel like the September skies are giving you a boost of energy to keep the party going, you know better than anyone that deep healing and tranquillity comes from the time we spend getting to know ourselves.

Set intentions about what you want your life to look like moving forward frequently and carefully all throughout your season. The Full Moon in your opposite sign Pisces opens up a chance to evolve how you relate to others and end any relationship cycles (platonic or romantic) that aren’t serving your best interests. It’s been an astrologically rocky summer, so feel free to use this lunation as a tearful release, too! It can be overwhelming having so much attention on you during your season. As a sign that often prefers to be a helping hand, your emotions will be sitting just below the surface. The New Moon in balance-loving Libra brings you back into your routine on 28 September, so try to not feel guilty about enjoying a bit of indulgence during Virgo season while you can!


Your head is in the clouds this month, Libra. After an eventful summer of new relationships and dramatic twists and turns, it’s time to sit with your thoughts for a while. You’re tapping into the side of Virgo energy that loves a bit of isolation, solace, quiet concentration and reflection. The September skies illuminate an area of your chart that sends your mind into speculation about friendships, bonds and spirituality that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Open up your tarot deck and cleanse your space to create an environment where you can clearly hear yourself think. Say no to nights out liberally, without feeling the need to explain yourself. As much as this might raise some eyebrows as it goes against your usual social tendencies, the real ones in your life will understand what’s up.

With all of this processing lighting a fire under you, use the Full Moon in creative Pisces on 14 September to close out the dramas and “situations” you’ve been mentally combing through by journaling and speaking to the people involved. You’re a natural mediator for others, but make sure you give your own issues the same space. Your season arrives with the Equinox on 23 September bringing a breath of fresh air from some of the foggy Neptune energy. The New Moon in your sign on 28 September is a chance at personal revolution so be sure to set intentions on where you want life to take you.


There are so many people in your life who care about you, Scorpio. September has you feeling the love and connecting hard with others as you bask in social energies. Although the summer somehow felt more work-oriented than it should have for you, dear water sign, don’t feel like this was for nothing! It’s helped you to walk into Virgo season with a renewed sense of purpose, where you’re able to relate to others with a strong sense of who you are and what you want to achieve. This is especially important given that what you’ll be bonding over. It’s likely to be about politics, ethics and the change you’re inspired to contribute to the world. Dare yourself to let down your boundaries when forging new friendships, and even divulge some anecdotes you’ve been keeping secret for a while now. Showing vulnerability isn’t a sign of weakness, as much as your planetary ruler Pluto likes to tell you otherwise.

The Full Moon on September 14 in fellow water sign Pisces asks you to kindly stop treating every scenario like a learning opportunity or career move, and just be in the moment a bit. Go dancing with your friends or watch a trash TV programme just for the indulgence. Laugh at jokes that don’t require three levels of academic unravelling, and/or read the tabloid that’s calling your name in the aisle of Tesco. Your energy is always loved and needed for its intensity and tact, but even you need a release once in a while! The New Moon in Libra on 28 September restores to a meditative state in preparation for your season, so don’t worry about spiralling through the Pisces Full Moon.


Virgo season is bringing luck to the work and projects you’ve undertaken, Sagittarius. As you chip away at work which you’re passionate about, the September skies are providing a lovely chance for you to evolve your public appearance while keeping you in the spotlight. Although Virgo season can sometimes impart some perfectionist anxiety, your tendencies to work well under pressure (and with all eyes on you) repels this like oil and water. There’s also major opportunities for you to really step your game up at your job or in creative bits your involved in, and for it to be recognized by others. Be sure to keep in touch with your intuition before saying yes to pitches and proposals, and trust that a better option will come if the current one doesn’t feel right. All eyes are on you this season, and remember that luck is on your side with your ruling planet Jupiter in your sign all year.

The Full Moon in watery Pisces hits you right in the feels when it shines its light on 14 September. Try to schedule a movie night or cozy hang with friends that’s centred around comfort, food, and showing each other how much you appreciate their friendship around this time. Not only will it be a nice breather from your Virgo Season hustle, it will remind everyone that you’re more than a fleeting charismatic powerhouse, and care deeply about your community and inner circle of mates.


You’re in research mode this month, Capricorn. Virgo season sets you at ease by bringing you into productive, creative energies that demand a level of analysis and precision that you’re always willing to give. There’s a sense of unstoppability that being in a fellow Earth sign’s season brings you, as well as the confidence that your work is being guided by ethics you genuinely believe in – even if your discovery of them has only occurred recently. What may become difficult to manage within this flow of research gathering, meetings and lists is an unignorable urge to escape. If you have the means, grant yourself permission to go on a quick weekend adventure, or even plan out a proper holiday. Otherwise, a fiction novel is likely to do the trick. The inspiration you’ll find in new locales will benefit the projects you’re working on, and bring revelation to your team(s).

The Full Moon in space-cadet Pisces on 14 September has you chatty and social; excited to discuss what you’re current endeavours are with people who haven’t necessarily encountered your interests before. Plan a meet up with peers you’d like to get to know better and read through any messages you’ve forgotten to respond to while being deep in your research-hole. The New Moon in Libra on 28 September will present new opportunities on where you’ll take all of this newfound information, so making connections in the process could serve your future well!


It’s an emotional month for you, Aquarius. September has you sorting through some serious matters of love and ancestry as you discover things about yourself and your roots that piece together missing bits of a larger picture. Turmoils may bubble to the surface (and bring with them more questions than answers), but remember that it’s okay to hold anger in your body. Just be sure to seek release in ways that make sense to you. Whether it’s listening to your favourite mix with the volume on full while you clean your bedroom or spending some time in the gym, work that stress out. You can sometimes get stuck in dizzying conversations in your own head, dear air sign, so opening up to others should be on your stress-relieving game plan as well!

The Full Moon in mystical Pisces on 14 September brings you a financial opportunity that you might have been suspecting, but not fully expecting, to appear. Be cautious before accepting any offers that seem too good to be true. Neptune’s confusing energies around this time are hazing our vision, so harness Virgo Season’s vibes to dive headfirst into research and planning before writing your signature on a document. The month finally winds down when the New Moon in Libra on 28 September brings you a breath of fresh air and time to ponder life in a more detached, philosophical way.


You’re reconnecting with love and lovers this month, Pisces. Virgo season has you dreaming about the future, and granting you some space to get lost in fantasies about companionship. However, the skies are also asking you crucial questions about boundaries and goals for the future. As someone who loves to run away and cover your eyes to the world, it can be difficult to stay on one path which leads you to where you want to end up… But it’s time to take a page out of Virgo’s very well structured book. Practice saying no and work on articulating your expectations of others this month; romantic partners in particular. Spend some time thinking about your needs relative to the goals you want to accomplish, and how the people in your life do or don’t fulfil them.

This Full Moon in your sign brings up an intense conversation about your happiness and your body, Pisces. When it occurs around 14 September, think about what’s gone down this month in your relationships, and exactly how you’re feeling about it. It can be so easy for you to prioritise others in love given your flexible watery nature, so make a concerted effort to be a bit selfish in order to increase your own happiness and not hold resentment. Additionally, around this time remember to stretch your limbs and think about what your body is telling you in response. Virgo is the ruler of health and routine, so checking in with how your back feels in the morning, what your hair is doing and how you’re feeling physically as a whole is crucial.


It’s time to move your body, Aries. Let physicality guide your impulses this Virgo season as you translate your ceaseless fire-sign tendencies into actions. Movement is a vital form of self-expression and in a world that loves emails, texts, calls and Instagram, that raw energy can easily get pent up or ignored as we exhaust ourselves mentally. Take the extra time to go on walks, dance, swim, or even do some kickboxing with a friend. Virgo season busies our minds, but there’s calm to be found in the routine pace of our feet down a sidewalk, or the steady beat of a Koffee track on the dancefloor.

When the Full Moon in water sign Pisces arrives on 14 September, it shines a light on an area of your sky that communicates through more mysterious means and loves the occult. Look out for signs and messages from ancestors during this time, and treat the Full Moon as a hard-restart when it comes to your relationship with spirituality. This lunation is a great time to take up new rituals and set intentions to end reckless habits you may have picked up over the summer. The New Moon in air sign Libra on 28 September is bound to help restore balance and bring you fresh perspectives on decisions you made in the middle of the month regarding endings – especially how they’ve affected your intimate relationships.


You’re working hard towards cultivating genuine love and joy in your life, Taurus! As someone who usually has a clear idea of what you do and don’t like, Virgo season’s fellow Earth sign energy is bringing you an extra dose of decisiveness. Use it as a tool for making choices that support what you want the bigger picture of your life to emphasise. This could be anything from making more delicious home cooked meals for you and your mates to planning out where you’d like to live five years from now. Ultimately, it’s up to you to make the most of the ample creative juices that are flowing in your sky, and dream big when it comes to long term goals.

The Full Moon in shapeshifting Pisces on 14 September calls you to kindly release and restructure friendships and social groups you’re a part of. The energies around this time call into question what really brings you together with the folx in your life and how those bonds serve your body and mind. Remember that evolving your relationship to someone or taking a step back from them isn’t a mark of failure, but often a sign of personal growth. Pisces’ energy is forgiving too, so there’s no reason you won’t be able to meet again in the future with exciting stories to tell and new lenses to see each other with.


Are you ready to reinvest in your home, Gemini? Virgo season reminds you not only where home is, but who you find home in, dear air sign. As you rush about your usually busy schedule, remember to pencil in some time to both feel the energies in your home (or studio, bedroom, front room) and check in with people you’re close to. Summer was chaos, and the beginning of Virgo season is finally bringing us the clarity to articulate just what went down, so folx are bound to have stories to tell and opinions to assert. When reading the vibe of your space, try looking at the belongings you already have with renewed potential. Maybe your bedside table just needs a fresh coat of paint, or your walls are begging you to hang some of your friend’s artwork up! Lose yourself in Neptune’s whimsical energy when coming up with ideas, and don’t be afraid to test things out even if they seem wild.

When the Full Moon in Pisces occurs on 14 September, be gentle with yourself and others. Energies will be pushing you to stay up all night busily jotting down ideas, or starting new projects, but try to take a step back before pressing the go button. You’re great at making things happen on your own, but having the support of friends and family with new ventures can be the extra push you need to really create something special. Remember that Virgo-esque industriousness also requires Virgo-esque patients to see out its full potential! Get the opinions of people you trust before launching new creative endeavours into the world. The New Moon in Libra on 28 September points you in the direction of playfulness and brings you into Autumn ready for a quick rest from all of this hard work.


You’re a sponge for knowledge this month, Cancer. September arrives to tell you that you’ll forever be a student of life. Whether it’s empathetically reading a room or digging into an article from JSTOR, you’re always receptive to new information; especially when you can use it to help others. Virgo season is heightening your potential with learning, communication and getting to know the community around you, so it’s crucial that you lock into a steady workflow and decide on what subject areas you’d like to enrich your mind with. Don’t be afraid to ask the universe for signs to help you make your decisions on what exactly you want to learn, too.

Tap into intuitive fellow water sign Pisces’s energy for guidance on the Full Moon 14 September. This lunation comes jam-packed with existential questions and holds potential for you to completely renegotiate the politics and/or ethics by which you live your life. It’s a supercharged moon, but also an exhausting one! Take some alone time to sit with these questions during the days that the moon is reflecting it’s light, and don’t pressure yourself to come up with answers right away. Libra season and the Autumnal Equinox greet us on 23 September, bringing you into a more reclusive peacefulness that will help things feel less busy and more calm.


Leo season might be over but you’re still feeling large and in charge. The September skies have you asserting your prowess through managing matters of finance, your material belongings and budgeting really well post your summer of indulgences. Although you’re no stranger to treating yourself you love a plan and a schedule, so it’s time to donate that bag of old clothes in your closet and spend some time with your calendar! If you find yourself in managerial positions on projects this month, be sure to check in with how the folx you’re instructing are feeling as much as you’re spending time directing them. Keep a keen awareness out for when empathy and care are needed in your words. Virgo energy loves to get straight to the point, and when combined with your hasty, fiery nature, can inadvertently translate to a lack of tenderness in how you communicate; especially since chatty Mercury is sitting in this sign until 14 September.

The Full Moon in mysterious Pisces on 14 September reveals something to you that’s been looming deep under the surface for a long time, and begs you to release it. It could be an ancestral secret or an old emotional wound that’s seeking forgiveness. Think about what tools you need for heal during this time, and don’t be afraid to speak with people you’ve got strong bonds with for guidance and support. The New Moon in equalising Libra arrives on 28 September with clarity on this as well, so don’t worry if the answers don’t come right away!

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