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gal-dem’s monthly horoscopes: this Leo season, remember what defines you

It's hot, sweaty, fiery Leo season which our astrologer Marissa Malik says is the perfect time to lean into some drama and also reevaluate exactly who you are.

11 Aug 2020

August is underway, and the lions are happily sitting on their thrones! This Leo season, there’s a major energetic shift happening. 

While many planets are still retrograde (and rebellious Uranus begins its retrograde journey through Taurus this month) there are also many planets sitting strong in their power. Mars is in Aries, the sign it rules, as is Saturn moving through Capricorn, the Sun in Leo, and more! This combination of planetary positions helps us come into ourselves, but also makes it difficult to avoid drama… ready to turn up the heat?


Leo & Leo Rising

Happy solar return Leo! Your season is here! Ready to celebrate in style?

The month kicks off with the full moon in Aquarius’s energies guiding you into a new phase of your relationships. If there was ever a time to walk away from (or wrap up) a connection that might be hot and heavy behind closed doors, but doesn’t satisfy your mind – it’s now. This moon is here to not so subtly remind you to be careful of who you’re investing time and energy in. These are your two greatest currencies. In the first week of August, communication planet Mercury enters your sign as well! This allows you to speak from a place of ultimate honesty. It also helps you to enter new physical spaces with intention and confidence. Be sure to ask yourself questions around truth and honesty in relation to the stories you tell yourself as well as others. 

The new moon in Leo on 18 August is your time to set new intentions and goals for the next year! When a new moon occurs in your sign, it’s a massive chance for a spiritual cleanse. Wipe the slate clean, and break any cycles that you’re not keen to carry into this next phase of life. This is supported by Mercury’s move into structure-loving Virgo the next day on 19 August, helping you get a strong grasp on what exactly your manifesting plan is.


Virgo & Virgo Rising

Feeling existential this Leo season, Virgo? That’s because your sky is in a deep, spiritual place.

August begins with a reminder that routines and schedules are sometimes best broken rather than maintained just for the sake of it. The full moon in Aquarius combined with communication planet Mercury’s move into Leo sets a tone that balances your subconscious and spiritual side with your need for structure. Use this space to reevaluate your habits, and welcome in new ones that support balancing pleasure and play. On 7 August romantic planet Venus moves into nurturing Cancer, emphasizing your investment in friendships and community! Just be careful not to dive into a romantic fling head first. Pace things with extra caution and boundaries.

On 15 August, spontaneous Uranus goes retrograde and gives you some time to evaluate your finances and travel plans. Make sure your morals and social sense of obligation factors in here before you book any big trips! The new moon in Leo on 18 August emphasizes a particularly mystic zone of your sky, and pushes you to feel with your heart rather than fact check and fragment your creativity. This is also a great time to welcome new rituals into your daily routine, and start a new journey in having a meditation practice. Your season begins on 22 August, and welcomes in a time for you to speak in a way that’s imbued with care and courtesy.


Libra & Libra Rising

Who has supported your creative endeavours since day one, Libra? 

This Leo season is filled with some major realisations for you in matters of friendship, community, and the love you share with others! Remember through any social turbulence that the pleasure you gain from a connection with someone might only extend to a certain point. All of our relationships are founded on different grounds, and not all are meant to last, so knowing when to let go is key. The first week of the month brings the full moon in Aquarius, which helps you relish these connections, but also exposes them for what they are. Around this time, communication planet Mercury moves into ever-honest Leo, too! This shift helps you get in touch with your politics, and speak from a place that favours justice and equity for others.

On 18 August, the new moon in Leo helps you welcome in a new chapter in relation to the community groups you’re part of. Whether it’s a role shift or a new team you’re organising with, keep your mind open to new ideas and concepts that you’re keen to explore. Then on 22 August when Virgo season begins, your tides shift into more mystic spheres. Pay attention to what you feel rather than facts and figures, and trust your gut above all else. 


Scorpio & Scorpio Rising 

Leo season is pushing you into the spotlight, Scorpio. Are you ready for all eyes to be on you?

Your month begins with some major checks happening at home. As the full moon in Aquarius shines a light on your more introverted side, it’s time to look around your space and see what’s in need of straightening out! This lunation is an important moment before Leo’s extroverted energies move you into a more social space; especially in relation to your career. Mercury’s move into Leo around 4 August sets a tone for you to act as a spokesperson for yourself and others. Be careful not to overstep boundaries, or speak on behalf of others without their consent! Double down on your communication to avoid stepping on people’s toes accidentally. On 7 August when Venus moves into fellow water sign Cancer, your sensitive side starts to show! Instead of shying away from vulnerability, consider the new pastures leaning into your sensitivity could take you to – especially with romantic bonds.

The new moon in Leo on 18 August highlights how you’re perceived by others in your work/career path. Use this lunation to wipe the slate clean when negotiating deals, or start fresh on tedious matters like emails and general admin. Don’t be afraid to ask peers or friends for feedback on your content, too. Mercury’s move into Virgo the next day will have you spending some time thinking about how you communicate your ethos to others, and whether or not you do so in a productive way. Think about the best way to get your message across to people you’re trying to sway politically.


Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

You’ve accumulated a lot of wisdom through having to learn some tough lessons this year, Sag. What are you yearning to do with this knowledge?

August begins with a reminder that you’re in good company. The full moon in Aquarius at the beginning of the month is a social one that brings you closer to friends and connections that you haven’t thought to tap into until now. Around this same time, communication planet Mercury enters fierce Leo and emphasizes the theme of your month, utilizing and expanding on the wisdom you hold. Although you’re not usually at a loss when it comes to speaking assertively, this planetary movement gives you a boost in this area and helps you think about how you can use your knowledge to carve out new pathways for yourself. Your mind can take you farther than you think. As you conceptualise exciting excursions this Leo season, Venus’s move into Cancer around 7 August has intentions to keep you rooted in your deep, romantic bonds. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to plan out a three month solo adventure, but make sure you’re keeping people in the loop about your needs (and considering theirs)! 

The new moon in Leo on 18 August is a chance for you to wipe the slate clean. Think about which systems of knowledge you’re keen to dive deeper into. Update your reading list, and make time for some journaling. This is also a great time to publish writing, too! Spend time in your own head because Virgo season begins a few days later on 22 August, and is set to bring you some extroverted adventures in your career. 


Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Where have you let love guide you in life, Cap? Have you been resistant to accepting it?

This Leo season is pushing you to interrogate the foundation of your deepest bonds with friends, ancestors, and romantic ties. The month begins with the full moon in Aquarius encouraging you to check in with things at work but in a very specific way. Instead of just evaluating where you’re at in your career, it’s important to note any value shifts that are happening in what your goals are for projects, businesses you run or financial matters in general. A lot of social re-writing is happening at the moment. Don’t forget the humanitarian underpinnings in your work. Then, when communication planet Mercury enters Leo around that same time, things are quick to get intense! Your urge to discuss long entanglements (past and present) come to the surface, and your need to express honesty is rife. Be wary not to start a fiery convo just because your gut is urging you to. Make sure there is proper space and time to put the energy you want into the discussion.

Venus enters your opposite sign Cancer around 7 August and shines a light not just on your romantic ties, but your partnerships in general. Revisit any full moon lessons you learned from earlier in the month and talk to your comrades (whether project collaborators or housemates) about what’s going on in your relationship. Then, the new moon in Leo on 18 August wants you to either strengthen or decide to step away from some of your longest-standing relationships. Leo is a truth-seeking sign, so don’t ignore red flags anymore.


Aquarius & Aquarius Rising 

What role are you letting emotions play in your life this Leo season? Are you leaning into love, or bottling things up?

Your month begins with a full moon happening in your sign, marking the halfway point since your solar return this year! This creates space for you to reflect on your journey into this year of life thus far, as well as a return to your inner voice. As your individual feelings and thoughts come to the forefront of your mind (as opposed to other people’s words that often buzz around in your head) you’re presented with a cosmic opportunity to be decisive. Don’t compromise on your desires, and remember that your path as an individual is worthy of respect. Mercury enters fierce Leo around this time, shifting your ability to communicate in a way that supports clarity and charisma in your words. This shift is great for asserting boundaries in your partnerships, too. Romantic Venus moves into Cancer around 7 August and shines a light on what parts of your routine you really love and value. If you’re really into doing daily workouts, treat yourself to a new water bottle or pair of trainers! Spruce up whatever part of your schedule gives you life on a daily basis.

Your ruling planet Uranus goes retrograde on 15 August and pushes you to reevaluate your relationship to technology. This is your time to end endless scrolling cycles. Put boundaries on screen time. Monitor how loud you’re letting your headphones get before bed. Then, the new moon in Leo on 18 August is your chance to start fresh in everything pertaining to where you’re investing your emotional energy. This will set the scene for your Virgo season on 22 August to be concentrated on the partnerships and bonds you want to expand and grow.


Pisces & Pisces Rising

How does your spirituality inform your routine, Pisces? It’s time to take back control of your time.

August begins with a full moon flooding energy into a spiritual area of your sky. Around this time, it’s important you pay attention to vibes and notions you get. Seek subtext alongside the facts, and listen to them just as carefully. This moon is also a great time for a major cleanse in the most urgent areas that you need them in. Whether it’s a relationship or work project, wrap things up if you feel called to. Around this same time, communicator Mercury moves into Leo, reminding you that your friendships require regular maintenance and upkeep. It’s not enough to just check in when things are tough! Reach out to others, whether they’re in crisis or not. Venus’s move into Cancer on 7 August is a romantic one for you, to say the least. If you’re open to accepting new love into your life, now is the time to lean into that. Find sensuality in the mundane. Ask your crush to enjoy a simple pleasure with you; you don’t need to be whisked away on a jet to a faraway place to fall in love. 

Around 18 August, the new moon in Leo encourages you to revise your schedule and establish some new habits that better suit your energy levels. Maybe it’s time to pick things up and see how hard you can hustle! Alternatively, you might find yourself on the brink of burnout and ready for a slower pace. Find your new tempo, and ride it into Virgo season, which begins on 22 August. The move from Leo to Virgo season is set to bring you new bonds and partnerships, so spend time figuring out how you want to spend your time before welcoming in new energies.


Aries & Aries Rising

Are you ready to welcome in new pleasure and creativity, Aries?

August finds you in a dreamy, idealistic daze. The month begins with the full moon in Aquarius shining a light on an area of your chart that looks at the big picture; that wants justice and equity for all. As you spend time evaluating your political stances and expressions of ethos, think as well as the wider dreams you have for your path as an individual. How are they connected to a “greater good”? What campaigns are important to you? Around this same time, communication planet Mercury enters enthusiastic Leo in your zone of creativity, pushing you to approach things from an artistic and optimistic standpoint. Use this energy boost to put effort into the dreams the full moon outlines for you. It’s not a process that’ll happen over night, so remember to be patient, too! Some ideas only come with time. On 7 August, Venus moves into nurturing Cancer, locating your love languages in the home. Invest in your space, and treat your house like the pinterest board it deserves to be. 

The new moon in Leo on 18 August wants you to seek new art forms for self expression, as well as embrace your more sensual side. Your creativity is bursting with untapped ideas; it’s just about finding the right medium to translate it. Virgo season starts on 22 August, and moves you into a more structured space, so enjoy swimming through the messiness of Leo season before refining your expulsive ideas.


Taurus & Taurus Rising 

For you, Leo season isn’t just about adventurous excursions and showing off to others. It’s about investing the extra boost of energy into the right places.

August begins with the full moon in Aquarius shining its light on a zone of your sky that really loves the spotlight – but only when it’s well earned. Praise yourself for the recent accomplishments you’ve made, and celebrate them well; whether it’s in the form of a cute park hang with friends, or a long bath. Also happening in the first week of the month is communication planet Mercury moving into regal Leo. This transit pushes you to prioritise matters of the home and familial bonds in how you express yourself. Take pride in your space, and be unapologetic in how you decorate/energetically alter it. Make sure the walls of your room reflect who you are (hint: clean your mirrors!). On 7 August, romantic Venus moves into Cancer, providing a boost towards the love you give and receive from your friends and peers. Organise a Zoom party for your besties, or write a cute postcard to your faraway childhood friend! Pour your Taurean nurturing vibes into friendship.

On 18 August, the new moon in Leo brings you a new start with siblings, or family members (chosen family included) that you might have been in a power struggle with. Stand your ground on moral matters you’re not willing to compromise on, but be careful of not letting your pride drive the conversation. Fellow earth sign Virgo begins their season a few days later on 22 August, which moves you into a more flexible and creative space. Take on the brunt of sorting out interpersonal drama now so that you can ease into your more artistic self as the month progresses!


Gemini & Gemini Rising 

The world is bustling around you and you’re ready to get involved in the fray this Leo season!

Your inquisitive spirit is doing the driving during August. Your month begins with an intellectual full moon in Aquarius shining a light on a zone of your sky that rules elevated systems of knowledge and cross-cultural learning. Use the energy from this lunation to finish the book you’ve been reading, catch up on a docu-series, or research a different cultural take on a subject you love. Your generally open mind is even more so in that space now, so take advantage well. Also happening in the first week of the month is communication planet, Mercury, moving into ferocious Leo! This transit sparks questions you have for your friends and community about issues both old and new. It’s time to get honest with people – just try not to overwhelm them with every question at once. On 7 August, romantic Venus moves into gentle water sign Cancer and activates an area of your sky that loves to consider material things, and is very tactile. Buy or create your sweetie a gift tailored specifically to them. Make them feel special and reminded of you by objects they can see around them, and don’t be afraid to ask for the same! 

On 18 August, the new moon in Leo sparks your interest in the communities of people who exist around you but you don’t always get to put time into investigating. Strike up conversation with the store clerk who knows you by sight but maybe not name. When Virgo season begins on 22 August, it’ll be time to solidify those bonds, and nest into a cosier, more calm energy.


Cancer & Cancer Rising 

What are the possessions you own that matter most to you, Cancer? Being attached to objects doesn’t necessarily make you materialistic.

August is bringing you into a new realm in terms of both your values (ethics and politics) as well as in what you value having in your physical space. The month kicks off with you reflecting on common threads amongst your past romantic relationships and/or long term entanglements. As patterns emerge, try not to see them as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Rather, praise yourself for noticing them through the time you spend doing critical reflection. Then, when communication planet Mercury enters Leo on 4 August, your urge to speak from a place that gets your point across clearly and assertively starts to feel unavoidable. Speak your truth, and trust that your nurturing spirit will temper any blows to egos you hurt along the way. 

On 7 August, romantic Venus moves into your sign! This transit brings with it a dose of charisma that’s utterly charming, to say the least. With Venus in your sign, your ability to be decisive, and generous with yourself is heightened and evinces itself in how you interact with others. Use this energy to pitch on projects you’re yearning for, and treat yourself to some much needed TLC. On 18 August, the new moon in Leo is the perfect time to do some closet cleansing. Create (literal) new space for you to welcome in objects that better suit both your future endeavours; especially in regards to sharing space with your partner(s)!

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