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Three more fashionistas you need to follow on Instagram

01 Mar 2016

If you’re Instagram feed needs some spicing up between the snaps of your friend’s brunch, model’s dogs and pictures of a young Leonardo DiCaprio, Savannah’s got you covered with three more great gals to follow.

[divider]Tiffanie Anderson[/divider]


It’s not often we see women and art stand so seamlessly next to each other, and we love Tiffanie Anderson’s style when she’s in and out of work mode. She shows that you can be cute, talented and successful all in one clean (if you excuse all the paint splatters) swoop. Anderson offers so much more to the world of Instagram and we love the way she exhibits it.

ThePrettyArtist is Anderson’s ‘gram, which is filled with scintillating pop art that will leave you with your mouths wide open. Using celebrities and pop-culture icons such as Amber Rose, Blacc Chyna, Mohammed Ali and EasyE as her inspirations, Anderson debuts some of the most captivating art on the ‘gram. The best parts of her feed are the videos that she uploads, unveiling how she puts it all together. What caught our attention the most about Anderson was the way she incorporates herself within her images. Anderson makes wearing a sports bra and loungewear look just as desirable as when she’s wearing a bodycon dress, whilst keeping her feed true to her craft all at the same time.


[divider]Caroll Lynn[/divider]

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The first thing that we noticed on Caroll Lynn’s Instagram feed was her admirable trainer collection. If there’s anything that gets our hearts racing, it’s a decent pair of trainers and well… that’s pretty much it! That’s exactly what Lynn gives us: perfect photo ops of Asics, Adidas Tubular’s and our faves, the Rihanna x Puma Creeper collaboration, which she seems to own in every colour-way possible. Lynn is our ultimate sneaker head crush!

Most of Lynn’s pictures hardly feature her face, focusing on the footwear instead, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t also noticed the attire that she wears alongside them. Blush pinks and greys to set the tones of her all white Fila’s and custom made Air Force 1’s. We assume that this is what inspired her to produce the stunning graphic designs of her sneaker collections for Patta, Dutch label Filling Pieces, as well as her most recent design collaboration with Hawaiian kids clothing brand Big Bad Wolf. Lynn’s keeping herself busy and expanding her very own brand and we can’t wait to see what she brings to the table next.


[divider]Sanam Sindhi[/divider]

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The addition of this Desi beauty to our list probably comes as no surprise. Sanam Sindi, known better by her Instagram name Trustmedaddy, came into our lives after appearing in Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money video back in July of last year assisting the bad gal superstar in a crime that we perversely wanted to be a part of.

Since then Sindhi has garnered global attention through her Instagram feed (which is how she landed her sweet gig alongside Rihanna) where she displays unlimited amounts of colour and expression. She inspires so many styles through her love of Bollywood movies. This doesn’t go unnoticed as every bit of colour pays homage to the luxuriousness of her culture.

A photo posted by @trustmedaddy on

Sindhi is all about embracing what may not have been conventionally appreciated before and that is something we can only adore. One of her most recent photos is of a Bollywood actress with a caption asking for South Asian and Indo Caribbean creatives, which only suggests that there’s about to be a badass project approaching soon!