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gal-dem monthly horoscopes: we’re rewriting norms this Capricorn season

09 Jan 2020

Capricorns keep us going when the going gets tough. The no-nonsense approach of this sign helps us to see how, over time, work culminates in beautiful results. This is because Capricorns play the long game. They’re cardinal earth signs blessed with both patience and discipline; cunning and consistency.

It’s no wonder that January is often a time where we reemerge into our daily lives post-holiday madness and seek energies that shift us back to a more stable, steady, Capricorn-esque routine. But as we arrive into the new decade filled with poignant global political conflict and the climate crisis unavoidably front and centre, it’s easy to see that 2020 isn’t about calming down or resuming a familiar status quo. Eclipse season is upon us, and the universe is happily throwing us a curveball. January 2020 is (and has been) looking like a lot of confrontation, restoration and revolution, and we can expect these actions to manifest not only in our personal lives but in the hierarchies and norms we accept as reality every day. 

Eclipses feel like a rug being pulled out from under our feet. They catch us by surprise in unexpected flurries of change and conflict; sometimes brutal in nature, but always rewarding in the end. This is because under that metaphorical eclipse rug is a beloved piece of jewellry you thought was lost forever – making that eclipse “crash to the floor” a real blessing in disguise. 

So, when the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer occurs on 10 January, just remember to fall with grace.  Think of the Cancer energy in this eclipse as “tough love” without the toxic masculinity element it’s usually packaged in; yearning to nurture you through experience and a few “I told you so” moments along the way. Know that there will be times where you’re confronted with shadowy parts of yourself you’ve tried to hide away or unfamiliar sides to people you currently call friends. Eclipse events play out over the course of six months, so keep tabs on what pops off and what stays calm during this time.

On 12 January when structure loving Saturn crosses paths with revolutionary Pluto in a major way, it’s really going down. Together, these strong characters will bring us a flip in consciousness that’s been on the horizon for ages – a shift that we’ll feel and see in both our places of work and pleasure. Whether it manifests for you as a new ethos you’re following in routine choices like nourishment and physical activity, or a choice to join an activist group, you’ll feel the tides shift. 

Intense as January may be, we can stay grateful for the reality check it will bring. Change begins in confrontation. By undeniably acknowledging the chaos that’s enveloping our world, the sky this month has the power to galvanise people to take action around injustice and inspire change in our communities. 

With all of this in mind, here are my predictions for each sign this January.



Happy solar return, Capricorn!

Your January sky finds you shifting gears and reassessing your relationship both with yourself and your social circles. When action planet Mars enters inspired and outgoing Sagittarius on 4 January, it’s time to rediscover where your passion comes from. As you look deep inside yourself and shift your priorities to where that fire truly burns, who will stick around? Your Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on 10 January is all about bonds. The give and take, and the housekeeping. Conversations might get heated, but the skies are keeping you confident and self-assured. Find your sources of strength that help you through those conversations because they’ll be your true 2020 tests of bravery. Once they’re out of the way, you’ll be able to push the “go” button on whatever needs finishing.

Love planet Venus shifts into dreamy Pisces on 13 January bringing you into a state of gratitude for what you have, or, just as easily, what you’ve let go of. Cherish that moment and let people know about it; especially your friends. Treat the Aquarius New Moon on 24 January like a manifesting moment, but also a chance for you to be thrifty. Reassess what you value, what you no longer need that might be of value to someone else, and treat yourself to a second birthday indulgence – chances are you didn’t truly lean into treating yourself the first time.


Your time is coming, Aquarius. Keep going.

The season before yours is always a pensive moment which can lead to some unhelpful overthinking. Ground yourself to protect from existential crises in the best ways possible. For you, air sign, this is often through a very particular set of activities or rituals you’ve established. If you’ve never identified them before, consider the things you enjoy doing in complete isolation which also bring you supreme joy. Make time to do them as a matter of urgency. Think of it as your own special type of meditation that’ll help you harness Mars’ current Sagittarius energy to speak your truth with others.

Your Lunar Eclipse in Cancer could manifest in a massive flip of your daily routine or a deep, physical uprooting. Rethink how you structure the time you spend in your home in terms of how your body navigates the space. Do you spend a lot of time in your kitchen where the vibes (and surfaces) are in need of a cleanse? Or maybe your bed and skin are itching for a new set of sheets? Address every ache, and listen to every craving your body has. The New Moon on 24 January is your personal new year – fuck 1 January. This is when you’re at your highest potential to set intentions and let the universe know not only what you want out of this year, but what you have to offer. 


Wipe your eyes, Pisces. There’s so much in front of you, and you deserve to see it.

January starts by begging you to trust your creative vision amidst what feels like a spell of never-ending exhaustion. Annoying as it may be, you’re often inspired when you’re overwhelmed, and the new ideas you’re birthing from action planet Mars being in Sagittarius are noteworthy. Share them with others, and don’t be afraid to be borderline boastful when recognising your own “sauce”. Your Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on 10 January pushes these ideas into a realm of playfulness and eclectic paradise. When you catch a note of inspiration from this cosmic event, roll with it, but don’t put yourself in danger just to get the perfect shot (whatever that “shot” may be). Reference old mood-boards and sketchbooks you have laying around, and hold onto the word “fearless” all month.

It’s okay to bury your head in the sand of your creative passions to manage the feelings and situations brought up by Saturn and Pluto’s meet on 12 January. People who you were once close to are falling away, and the eclipse is sending sometimes uncomfortable surges to finalise these actions. Lamenting is long, but remember Capricorn season is all about the long game. Amorous Venus moves into your sign the next day and will shed some hopeful, uplifting vibes on any dark feelings you’re stuck in.


2020 is humbling you, Aries

If you find yourself constantly baffled at the wealth of knowledge in this world that you’ve yet to discover; you’re doing it right. You start January with your ruling planet Mars in philosophical Sagittarius. This placement pushes you to really mull over the structures in your life and their ethos. You’re able to feel the ways you’ve been misled in the past – by unjust leaders, by the government and by people you’ve looked up to before. This is big “kill your idols” energy. Look for new pathways and schools of thought to inspire you, and embrace movement in a new direction. Just remember that while you’re always ready for an adventure, Aries, it’s important to feel connected to a reason to be there.

In contrast with this, the Lunar eclipse in Cancer on 10 January sends you rushing towards pillars of “home”; familiarity and bonds that feel ancestral and/or familial. When questions around who is and isn’t (chosen) family crop up, and it feels like everything is shifting all at once, take space to breathe and focus on the source of that discomfort. Reacting is important, but true consideration for that feeling is necessary in order to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others. Set aside some time during love planet Venus’ journey through mystic Pisces on 13 January to really engage with this deep thinking. Some time alone could do you well.


Secrets can keep you stagnant, Taurus. The eclipse is ready to surface them.

Your month starts with action planet Mars begging you to dig deeper into matters where you feel deception and disillusion are present. Don’t stay situated comfortably in unknowns, or allow people to “pull one over” on you. Trust your gut. If something’s not felt right in an area of your life, especially regarding long-term bonds with people, push it. Ask questions and look for possible scenarios – consider their life circumstances in what’s going on. 

The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on the 10 January intends to alter your communication style and shift the relationship you maintain to your direct environment and community. This could range from neighbours to colleagues; just think about people you interface with regularly, and what you are (or aren’t) letting them now. It also might be that you’re going to detox from Instagram and only call/text people as needed, or you’ll find that you’ll be speaking to loved ones more regularly. On 12 January, the ever intense Saturn Pluto meet-up in Capricorn will remind you of the larger theme your year encompasses: travel and movement. Reference last months ‘scopes when thinking about grounding rituals. The New Moon in Aquarius on 24 January is all about you stepping out of your shell. This is a great time to release a new project and fearlessly go public with it. Get people involved in your passions; you’ve been sitting on them by yourself for too long!


Indecision isn’t going to cut it this month, Gemini

Your January begins with action planet Mars shining a light on your intimate relationships and love. You feel that mutable sign push and pull of wanting a lot of attention, but also needing to be left to your own devices – a classic Gemini qualm that strikes when your energy combines with hyper-independent Sagittarius. Spend time with romantic partners, but be clear about your boundaries so as to avoid conflict. You’ve got bigger picture ideas to focus on with the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on 10 January. This lunation is calling you to take stock of your belongings, and consider how you hold space for both values and valuables. The physical is just as important as the emotional when thinking about how you make space for objects in your life. Are you living in excess? Or is your mind calling for you to surround yourself with more items of comfort? 

When Saturn and Pluto meet up in the sky in a cosmic dance on 12 January, prepare to be tested. This lunation is happening in an area of your chart that’s quite murky and secretive. It’ll feel like a strong undercurrent pulling you to express your most intense emotions – a deadly riptide under you, calling you down. Make sure to find spaces where you can let out the beasts inside you – go to the countryside and scream, or isolate yourself in a room where you can dance like a maniac! The New Moon in Aquarius on 24 January will be your moment to indulge in escapist pleasures and jet off to a faraway place; whether it’s in a fantasy novel or on an international flight.


No more hiding, Cancer. January is putting you back in your body. 

On 10 January when the Lunar Eclipse occurs in your sign, prepare to receive a message about yourself that you didn’t anticipate to arrive so soon. It’s likely to be a situation that will test your moral fabric; revealing truths about who you are versus who you perceive yourself to be. This could make you feel called to make a dramatic change in your appearance, so be careful! Eclipse season is a tumultuous time for everyone, so big decisions that have a long-lasting impact that you have to face every day might not be the right outlet. Put on your favourite outfit, or treat yourself to a new impulse purchase instead.

The meetup between Pluto and Saturn on 12 January a few days later will test the fabrics of your intimate relationships in the best way possible. No more settling for less, or committing to labour that isn’t reciprocated. Because this might manifest in a deep talk or a testing moment, make sure to write down key points you want to get across, or even read your person’s horoscope to better know what energies they’re going through this month. If things stay tense, or you need to mentally check out for a moment, bury yourself in big-picture dreams and impassioned ideas that lovely Venus will bring when she moves into Pisces on the next day. When the New Moon in Aquarius occurs on 24 January and asks you to dig deeper into past hardships, approach it on your own terms. This month’s sky is a lot, so explore difficult aspects of your past on your own terms – not because you have to, but because you want to.


You’re epitomising what people think of when they say “new year, new me”, Leo. Routines, habits, rituals – you’re ready for it all.

This January, you’re the one in the group chat eager to discuss resolutions, reformations, etc. and we’re all here for it – so long as you’re conscious of other people’s triggers! Your ability to plough forward and manifest what you want is impressive, to say the least, but when you look around you, where are your friends and loved ones at? The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer is rapidly putting you in your pace and glowing up your whole life by stripping away unneeded energies, but it’s also giving you tunnel vision. This can’t be said for other signs, so take time for your friends and (chosen) family during this time, and share the knowledge you’re furiously collecting with others.

If you’re resisting social engagement and minding your own business to a fault, the New Moon in Aquarius on 24 January will give you a surge of energy that ends this. Focus is shifted to the people you love holding space with, and new light is shed on your intimate bonds. This energy could be used to cultivate new bonds as well, if this is a part of your life you’re open to; spicing things up perfectly before everyone’s favourite commercial holiday on the 14 February. Keep your eyes open for opportunities, but most of all, stay in tune with your ability to radically listen. 


Pleasure shouldn’t be fleeting, Virgo. It’s time to place it at the forefront of your life.

January starts off by inspiring you to rediscover your home, and bonds that feel like home. As you take action in your immediate environment to do what you do best with these places and people (nurture, tidy, develop and expand its potential), think about how these spaces/people can also help cultivate comfort and rest; a key part of pleasure. The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer begins your journey into an overhaul of the groups you’re part of. A friendship group could be split, or you might be plunged into a new setting of like-minded people. Expect the energy to be dramatic and uncomfortable, but ultimately connected to you rediscovering pleasure in your life. The Eclipse does its worst because it wants the best for us, so if people fall away, don’t look back. In the same way, boldly open yourself to new relationships. Saturn and Pluto’s meet-up on 12 January will really drive this point home; creating an unavoidable moment for you to consider what truly brings you joy, and what needs to remain in the past.

When Venus moves into loving Pisces on 13 January, you’re given a beautiful chance to develop any new friendships or potential love interests that the eclipse provided. Pisces is your opposite sign and with her energy flooding your sky, you’re able to communicate with unparalleled sensitivity and genuine care. The New Moon in Aquarius on 24 January is a time for your real New Year’s celebration. You’ll finally feel able to touch base with your routine, and hoover your way to happiness in a settled and satisfied energy.


What do you use your voice for, Libra? It’s time to speak up again.

January begins with you returning to your power, confident in your beliefs. Action planet Mars is spending time in socially conscious Sagittarius, encouraging you to weigh into political conversations and speak out against injustice in the best way you know how – usually involving your part and partial voice of reason. However, with the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on 10 January, this energy quickly shifts you into a different energetic zone. Attention becomes focused on a confrontation that’s been sitting on your horizon for a while; one that involves light being shed on how your public-facing self is received by your community. Accepting critique is never easy, but you’re a pro at hearing all perspectives, Libra, and how you hold and adapt your actions based on this information will determine your path forward.

Saturn and Pluto’s intense meet-up on 12 January has you thinking about and possibly confronting something that you often avoid, dear air sign – loneliness and isolation. Think about how and when you get your energy and feel restored (introvert-extrovert questions). Perhaps time alone isn’t as difficult as you expect? But also consider that you’re often more independent than you let yourself think you are. Try your hardest to come into your power, and not let an anxious feeling put you off feeling how much potential is inside you. The New Moon in Aquarius on 24 January will be a much-needed breath of fresh air and provide you with moments that help you remember what love feels like, and expel any anxiety around making public appearances you deserve to have. Affirm yourself as much as possible.


Lean into vulnerability and open your mind to new ideas, Scorpio.

You start January by hustling through the tail ends of a long-term project; seeking results with a vengeance after the stagnation of late December’s holidays. As you move at a rapid pace, and feel unbothered by the supposed nonsense of eclipse season drama, just know that the Cancer Lunar Eclipse plans on stopping you in your tracks. When it occurs on 10 January, remember the phrase, “I know that I know nothing”. Bypass fixed sign nature and admit that you were wrong in the past when confronted with it. Embrace learning new systems and finding new pathways. Don’t be afraid to rush far away if you think you’ll find an answer there, too.

Saturn and Pluto’s meet-up on 12 January intends on you finding the right mantras to repeat to yourself for 2020. This is a chaotic time as your ancient ruler is melding with restrictive planet Saturn. When you’re tested by other people around this time (as I’m sure you will be), it’s about finding that sweet spot in your mental power to focus and react with care. People are exhausting, but you’re enduring. When Venus moves into loving Pisces on 13 January, you’ll find joy in allowing yourself a release. Take yourself out for a well-deserved meal, or spend an evening in the company of loved ones.


You’re a blur of buzzing ideas and pangs of nostalgia, Sagittarius

Your month starts off with Mars in your sign; providing a beautiful boost of energy that helps you recognise your own potential with ease, but also triggers some insomniac tendencies. As this planet of action and movement combines with the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Cancer’s energy on 10 January, you might find yourself struggling to sleep and struck with memories of the past. Be sure to drink plenty of chamomile tea and journal the zillions of ideas and stories from your past you’re bound to be thinking about during these days. When confronting past events that might feel difficult and be a catalyst for your tendencies to run away, stand your ground but know your own limits. Go at your own pace, and try not to punish yourself for mistakes you made as a younger version of yourself. 

The eclipse is encouraging you to check in with your bank balance, your belongings and your manifesting powers. What can help you unlock a higher potential? Sort out personal issues before you start hustling on money matters; being in the right headspace is crucial to getting the most out of your projects and showing people what you’re truly capable of. When the New Moon in Aquarius arrives on 24 January, get ready for new friendships, and creative passions that reignite that blessed Mars energy you started out with. It’ll be just what you need to keep going. 

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